[Story] Web of Love – Episode 9 (The End)

Episode 9
Final Episode

So, Halimah, what about the proposal your dad told you about? ” Halimah’s mother asked as they prepared Dinner one evening.
“I don’t know mother. ” Halimah said and looked away.
“Hummm, why don’t you see him first, talk to him and let’s see if you will like him. He is around for a while for a vacation, I think.” Her mother suggested and Halimah nodded after a minute thought.
“I will let your father know about this.” her mother promised
Halimah’s father discussed with Abubakar’s father and they agree the children should meet each other. Abubakar agreed to come over to Halimah’s house to see her.
“Who knows?” he asked himself. His sisters had told her alot about Halimah, her beauty and intelligence and her devotion.
He got to the compound and he know one thing for sure that Halimah’s father didn’t give his consent because of his family wealth. He is as wealthy as his father. He was welcomed well by Halimah ”s mother.
After the refreshment, Abubakar was told to go to the garden behind the house to wait for Halimah. It is a place where Halimah’s family do enjoy the breeze every evening. Abubakar wondered what Halimah will look like just as his sisters had told him.
She came in company of her mum who left as soon as Halimah sat at the other end of the table staring at the Green grass.
“Salamualykum.” he said
“Walaykumsalam waramotullah.” she replied still not looking at him.
“I am so happy to finally meet you. My sisters had told me a lot about you.” he said to her smiling.
“Alihamdululah.” she replied still not looking at him.
“What is your opinion about the wedding proposal?” abubakar asked her, he didn’t even know what to say. She looked very shy.
“I believe Allah will guide us alright. What did you do for a living?” she asked him still not looking at him.
“I am a business man. ” Abubakar replied.
“What exactly business did you do?” she asked
” I am into foot wears and Male clothings.” he replied
“Ma sha Allah. ” she replied, at least he is into a halah business. She couldn’t tell him she had find out about 30% of his life style on social media.
” what about your iman and seeking for knowledge? “She asked and he told her about his thirst for Islamic knowledge and how he loves attending Islamic lectures every weekend.
” Ma sha Allah.” she replied satisfied.
“So what is your plan after your degree?” he asked
“I will like to further my education to PhD level ins sha Allah. I will like to be a lecturer. ” she replied and he nodded.
“Ma sha Allah. That is very lovely and I pray that may Allah make it easy.” he said and she nodded with Amin.
They talked about their likes and dislikes, childhood, school life, Abubakar realised his dad had chosen the best woman for him. She is so intelligent and she is exactly the type of woman he always pray to Allah to make the mother of his kids and he is so happy his prayer had been answered.
“I agreed to the proposal. ” halimah said to her mum who smiled and hugged her.
“Alihamdulilah, may Allah make it easy and guide us alright. ” her mother said with smiles, her joy knew no bounds for very soon her daughter will get married.
Halimah and Abubakar got married six weeks later.
Abubakar treat her with so much love, care and affection. Their own Romance and dating started after their wedding. Halimah bagged her PhD six years later after two lovely Kids: Umar and Uthman. .
Even though no marriage is perfect, they still have their disagreement and differences but both use patience and humility to handle and solve their differences.
And Ade, he got married two years to a childhood friend after his short affair with Halimah, even though it wasn’t easy, he believe one day he will finally get over her.


_Sometimes, alot of things can be averted with patience and prayer, especially when it comes to marriage, we shouldn’t because of love go ahead with a marriage without the parents consent. It is very important. Perform instikharah according to the sunnah of the Prophet, May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him._
_We as a parents also we need to play our part well, there are some issues we need to handle with maturity and patience. We don’t have to flare up because we don’t like the choice of our kids, we should rather let them see reason why their choice might not be the best for them.
May Allah make it easy for us._

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