[Story] The Wedding Contract – Episode 7


“can one of you explain to me what that was all about..?…(to his secretary)…i asked you go and call her..how did that result in a fight..?”
anthony asked
“ask this bush girl..i only called her and she just started raining abuses on me..calling me names..” she lied
“heeeeyy…me..??..call you names…
“shut up ify..i didn’t ask you anything.”
“before nkor…support her…why won’t you…you have eaten her food na… (pointing to her boobs n legs)…see how she is exposing
everything….tufia…i spit on you…why not join the street girls…make it official
na…nonsense..” ifaechi yelled “i said shut up..(to secretary)…i’m really sorry for her behaviour..please take this
(opening his drawer and handed her a bunch of #500 notes..)..take it and treat yourself…you can take the day off.”
“oh..thank you sir..thank you..” she said as she took the money..she eyed ifaechi and
walked out of the office…immediately she left
Anthony burst into an uncontrollable laughter..he held his stomach and stumped his
feet on the floor…ifaechi was
confused..what is making this one to laugh
“(still laughing)…how did you do that…see how her face is..” he said as he tried to stop
laughing…that was when ifaechi
understood…she couldn’t help but join in the laugh
“that one..small thing…i’ve fought people bigger than her in the village..and i won..”
she replied “woow…you’re something else…but it
shouldn’t happen again ooh…its against work policy..biko sit down ” he said as he wiped the tears that formed in his eyes off “so…have you thought about it..??”
“eerrmm…yes sir..i..i..i will marry you..” she said
“good..good..that’s good..”
“so when do i get the money..” she asked
“ahh..chill…we’ll sign a contract first…i’ll call my lawyer to draft it out…it should be ready later today…lets say three…i’ll call you and we’ll go over to my place for the signing and the rest..” tony said
“(sighs)…ok sir ” she stood to leave
“by the way…how is your mother…she awake yet.?” she shook her head signifying a no
“don’t worry…something will be done about it soon..okay..??..
“ok sir..” she said and left his office
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Anthony went to the spot where ifaechi usually sits…
“its time…lets go.” she stood up and went with him…they got his
house and ifaechi was awestruck by
the magnificent building she saw…she stood mouth agape admiring the house…she went on
her knees and started kissing the floor..
“what is wrong with you…stand up and lets go in..” tony said
“this your house is very beautiful…che eii..”she
they went into the house and met mr clifford already sitted with the lawyer…
“hello dad…good afternoon” tony greeted “afteroon son…where is she..??”
“that’s her..” he said pointing to ifaechi who was romancing the wall of the house…
‘ifaechi…stop that and come here..”
“good afternoon sir..” she greeted her soon to
be father in law
“afternoon dear…how are you..?” mr
“i’m fine sir..” “okay..lets go straight to the reason for the meeting…are you with the documents.” tony asked the lawyer
“yes sir…here is your copy and here is yours ”
he said handing copies if the document to ifaechi and tony..
“do you want me to read it or….tony trailed off
“(hisses)…do i look like an illiterate..??..i can read ” she said as she opened it and went
through it…she was okay with the terms of the marriage…which were..
1)..they were permitted to see other people but must do well to hide it from the public till the six months expire…
2)..no intimacy is allowed between the both of them…
3)..no other ear has to hear of this aside the four of them present
4)..payments are to be made monthly..
they both signed the documents…the lawyer asked them to exchange it which they
did… “so that’s all..??” ifaechi asked
“yea..that’s it…atleast the major part..” tony said
“what does that mean..?”
anthony opened his case and brought out his cheque book and some cash which he handed to ifaechi…
“that’s a cheque of six hundred thousand naira…go and pay for your mom’s treatment..the cash is for you…use that to get
yourself new clothes and a make
over..we’ll be making a public appearance tomorrow by
4:00pm..” ifaechi was so happy..her mother will not
die…she went to tony and knelt down..
“thank you very much sir..God bless you…God will richly bless you..”
“no.no..stand up please…and stop with the sir..we’re getting married in a week..call me
“ok sir…i mean tony..” she said smiling
“ok…run along now..go and pay so they’ll start
treatment soon and remember 4:00pm on the dot tomorrow..” tony said
“ok…thank you..” she said and left for the hospital…few mins later the lawyer left…when
tony was alone with his father he asked
“soo…what do you think..??”
he kept quiet for a while then he spoke…
“perfect…i like her..”


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