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[Story] The New Girl – Episode 38

Edwin: (sounding sarcastic) Yeah… Yeah, Woohoo. You finally got it. First price goes to you, blah…blah…blah. Now back to the real issue, have you gotten my packages?
Susan: Yeah, we have. I was really shocked when I saw it. My Dad, the personal assistant to the Senate President? And also an invitation card to the Senate President’s Christmas party? Edwin, those are huge!
Edwin: Oh c’mon don’t be like that, you deserve it. You guys have suffered enough.
Susan: I know but still…
Edwin: No but, young lady. I don’t accept refunds. Take it or Take it.
Susan: (smiles) Thanks Edwin, It really means a lot to me and my family.
Edwin: Aww, you’re gonna make me cry. You sound so cute. Anyway! Concerning what you will all wear on that day, someone will come to your house tomorrow to take you all shopping. You guys can buy whatever clothing items you want… Well, as long you don’t buy the whole store.
Susan: Wow! This is too much.
Edwin: Just don’t faint while I’m still on the line. You can do that when I’m off (smirking).
Susan: (giggles) Okay, boss.
Edwin: Nice, such a respectful girl. Well, enough chitchat young lady, I’ve gotta run now. I still have some idiots to go see.
Susan: And who are these idiots you wanna go see, if I may ask?
Edwin: Well, It’s like this… I’m going to Clement’s house to pick him up, and from there, we will go to Felix house to pick him up, and from there, we will go to Daniel’s house to pick him up, and from there, we will… No wait, sorry I mean we will then go to Daniel’s house and have a sleepover. No wait, sleepovers are for girls. So, what did I say we were gonna do again? Wow… Would you look at that, I’ve forgotten my plans.
Susan: Wow! That’s…amazing (sounding sarcastic). Wait a minute, don’t tell me your driving while talking to me?
Edwin: (scoffs) Of course I’m not, why on earth would I wanna do something as stupid as that?
Man: (screaming) Hey, Watch where you going, you fool.
Edwin: (sticks his head out of the car) Roads where built for man not chickens! (Screaming).
Susan: I thought you said you weren’t driving?
Edwin: Of course I’m not driving, I’m racing. Why drive when you can race with other drivers? Oh gotta go now, some crazy fella is trying to overtake me. (Screams) You’re getting past me, Junior! Bye Susan (call ends).
Susan: He’s gonna get himself killed. So, Edwin was behind it all? Should I tell Mom and Dad? No, I best keep it to myself, at least until he starts work. (Walks to the living room) Dad, that was from the Senate President’s office.
Mr. Williams: Oh, and what did they say?
Susan: They said someone will be here tomorrow to take all of us shopping for some clothes and to also get some suits for you.
Theresa: Yes! Finally, I get to have some new clothes.
Mr. Williams: Wow! This is too much for us. Give me the number, I wanna thank them myself.
Susan: No Dad, it’s a business line so you can’t just call it anytime you feel like.
Mr. Williams: Oh, is that so? Well, I really thank them and God for all of this.
Mrs. Williams: Yes dear, things are finally taking a turn for good in our family.
Susan: Yes Mum, they are (smiling).

Updated: October 8, 2017 — 5:52 PM



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  1. lovely story,pls post more

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