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[Story] The New Girl – Episode 37

Earlier that day at the Williams’s residence *
Susan: Dad, let me understand you well. You mean a man we’ve never met, walked into this house and told you that you have been appointed as the personal assistant to the Senate President of Nigeria? I mean THE SENATE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA!? (Looking shocked).
Mr. Williams: Yes, that’s pretty much what he said.
Theresa: But dad, how are we sure this isn’t a prank? We’re talking about the Senate President not just an ordinary Citizen.
Mr. Williams: Believe me, I know. I’m also as shocked as you all are.
Mrs. Williams: And is the appointment letter authentic? Do you know if it is?
Mr. Williams: It seems so. I don’t think anyone is capable of forging this kind of letter.
Mrs. Williams: You can’t be too sure, Leonard, this world is filled with evil people who are capable of anything.
Susan: Let me take a look at the letter, Dad.
Mr. Williams: Here it is (gives her the letter).
Susan: (scans through it) Well, from the look of it, I think it isn’t fake.
Mrs. Williams: Are you sure, Susan? People can easily forge stuffs like that.
Susan: I’m not 100% sure but it seems more real than fake.
Theresa: Hmm… So Dad, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna take the job?
Mr. Williams: Well… It…doesn’t look like a bad idea if I did. I…
Mrs. Williams: No, Leonard, don’t accept the job. We still haven’t found out how this offer came about and I’m not comfortable with the whole thing.
Susan: Well, Mum is right. We still don’t know how this offer came about and until we know the source of it, I think Dad shouldn’t take the offer.
Mr. Williams: Well… You both are right but I forgot to mention the second thing he told me.
Susan, Theresa & Mrs. Williams: Which is?
Mr. Williams: He said the Senate President is inviting me and my entire family to their Christmas party.
Susan, Theresa & Mrs. Williams: Huh? Christmas party?
Mr. Williams: Yes. It will hold on the 25th of this month, which is Christmas day.
Theresa: So, are we gonna attend? (Smiling while rubbing her palms).
Mr. Williams: Of course, we have to. If not for anything, at least to know the authenticity of this offer.
Mrs. Williams: I don’t like this one bit. How are we sure this isn’t another prank?
Mr. Williams: The man gave me an invitation card, and I know for a certain that this particular one is real (gives them the card).
Mrs. Williams: Oh my God, it’s real (looking shocked).
Susan: We…have…been…invited…to…the…Senate…President’s…party (looking shocked).
Theresa: Yay! We’re going to the Senate President’s party (gets up and starts dancing).
Mrs. Williams: But I don’t understand, why is all this happening to us?
Mr. Williams: I believe it’s the Lord’s doing. Now I understand what people mean when they say ‘God works in mysterious ways’.
Mrs. Williams: (breaks down and start shedding tears of joy) Thank you God! Thank you Jesus! I knew you would never forsake us. All glory and honour belongs to you Lord! Thank you Jesus! (Waves her hands to the heavens).
Susan: Amen Mum, please get up and stop crying. It’s well now.
Mr. Williams: Yes it is my dear (smiles).
Theresa: But Dad, we don’t have any clothes to wear on that day. Remember that all our clothes are worn out.
Mr. Williams: Argh! That’s true, and I don’t money to get us some new clothes.
* phone rings *
Susan: Excuse me, I gotta get this. (Walks to her room) Hello?
Edwin: Hello Miss I wanna know it all.
Susan: Edwin?
Edwin: Is live on your ear waves.
Susan: How did you get my number? Because I can’t remember giving it to you when we last met.
Edwin: Well, that was easy. I know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone’s cousin, whose friend is a hacker. So…yeah, pretty much like that.
Susan: Oh really? How are you doing? Have you spoken to your Mother?
Edwin: Yes I have. And I’ve also reconciled things with her and my Father.
Susan: Awwn, that’s good to hear.
Edwin: And it’s all because of you. Thank you for being there for me when I really needed someone.
Susan: It’s nothing, really. And I would gladly do that a million times over.
Edwin: (laughs) That means you want me to fight with my parents a million times, huh?
Susan: (laughs) No, that’s not what I mean.
Edwin: So, have you gotten my packages?
Susan: What packages?
Edwin: The appointment letter to your Dad and also the invitation card.
Susan: (gasp) Are you the Senate President?
Edwin: What! (Laughs) Hell no! I’m too young to be one. It’s my Dad that is the Senate President.
Susan: What! So you’re the Senate President’s son?
Edwin: (laughs) You say it as if it were some fancy title, but yeah I’m.
Susan: Wow! I never knew.

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