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[Story] The New Girl – Episode 36

“Alright mum, goodnight!” Daniel said, breathing a sigh of relief.
“Hmm… My little boy is all grown up.” Mrs. Macaulay smiled as she walked away.
“That was a close call,” Edwin said as he sat down on Daniel’s bed.
“So, what are we gonna do about him?” Clement asked pointing to Felix.
“Just pour a bucket of water on him, that will knock him back up.” Edwin smirked.
“And wet my room? No way, you guys should place him on the window while I get the water,” Daniel said walking into bathroom.
“I wonder how you two always find a way to get into trouble. Look at Felix now,” Clement said as he and Edwin dragged Felix to the window.
“Didn’t you tag along? Or am I controlling you?” Edwin smirked placing Felix in front of the window.
“Alright, move aside boys,” Daniel said as he poured the bucket of water on Felix’s face.
“What the… Who the… Where am I?” Felix said, looking around the room.
“Good morning sunshine! Sorry for the break in transmission, someone apparently knocked you out.” Edwin grinned.
“Why won’t I knock someone out, when some people were trying to scare me to death.” Daniel yelled.
“No, we weren’t trying to that,” Felix said as he got to his feet.
“Then why did you guys sneak into my room when it’s already 10pm? And I want the truth,” Daniel said, folding his arms.
“Well, the truth is…” Edwin said gazing at Clement and Felix.
“WE MISSED YOU!” They chorused as they rushed to hug him.
“Let’s not leave each other again,” Felix added.
“Woah! Wait, no hugging. Especially from you Felix,” Daniel said as he jump onto his bed.
“But… Why? Aren’t we…” Felix said but was cut short when the door suddenly flung open revealing Daniel’s sisters, Jenny and Jessy.
“Argh! The evil sisters are here! Hide me.” Felix panicked as hid behind the curtain.
“Yes! I knew that they were here. Mum! Daniel’s friends sneaked into the house and they are trying to force Daniel to go to a party!” Jenny screamed.
“What!? Mrs. Macaulay screamed from the living room.
“Jenny?” Daniel asked, looking puzzled.
“What? You shouldn’t have let them in.” Jenny smirked.
“Daniel Macaulay! You and your friends should get down here right now!” Mrs. Macaulay screamed from the living room.
“Argh! You guys better come up with a good excuse, and Felix, stop being an idiot and get away from my curtain.” Daniel rolled an eye.
“Don’t worry Danny boy, I’ve got this.” Edwin smirked.

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