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[Story] The New Girl – Episode 35

The Macaulay’s residence *
“Goodnight Mum, Goodnight Dad,” Daniel said as he walked towards his room.
“Goodnight Daniel,” Mr. Macaulay said.
“Goodnight Daniel, sleep well,” Mrs. Macaulay with a smile, beaming on her face.
As Daniel laid down on his bed, memories of his first semester in school came flooding into his head. He remembered the times he spent with the guys. Even though they were unnecessary loud and annoying, he missed them so much. He was missing the chats they usually had before going to bed, the laughs they shared, the pranks they played. They all brought back memories. And of Susan, his newly found friend, she wasn’t as bad or evil as painted her to be. She had now become someone that he respected a lot. As he continued to reminisce on past events, he suddenly heard soft whispers coming from his window.
The Macaulay’s lived in a duplex with Daniel’s room situated at the first floor, left of the building. Getting up, Daniel tip toed towards the window in an attempt to know who or what was making that noise at that time of the night. The whispers came again but this time, it was certain that they were from human beings.
“Those must be robbers?”
“How on earth did robbers get in here when both the fence and gate are so high to climb?”
“Should I alert mum and dad?”
“No, I will deal with this myself,” Daniel thought as he grabbed his baseball bat and hid beside the window waiting for whoever comes in.
Suddenly, a head poked into the room and it seemed the person was checking to see if anyone was in the room. After the burglar was certain there wasn’t any, he walked in and was quickly followed by 2 other persons. Daniel waited quietly until one of them was close to where he hid. Raising the bat, he screamed,
“Die, you burglars.” He hit one of the burglars hard on the head making him fall to the floor with a big thud.
“Woah! Woah! Woah! Daniel it’s us, it’s just us,” Clement screamed as turned on the lights.
“What the? What are you guys doing here? Why on earth did you sneak into my room?” Daniel asked looking confused.
“Well, we would have just walked in through the front door until ‘somebody’ suggested we make a grand entrance,” Clement said, glaring daggers at Edwin.
“Hey! Don’t look at me like that, didn’t you agree to do it?” Edwin asked as he shrugged.
“Oh brother… Damn, Felix is out cold,” Clement said, staring at an unconscious Felix body on the floor.
“Daniel!? Are you alright? I heard you scream?” Mrs. Macaulay asked as she stood outside Daniel’s room.
“No mum, it’s nothing. I just thought I just thought I saw a rat,” Daniel said, glaring daggers at Clement and Edwin.
“Okay honey. I’m coming in now to check on you,” Mrs. Macaulay said, turning the knob to open the door.
“No mum, you can’t come in.” Daniel panicked.
“Why not? I just wanna be sure you’re fine,” Mrs. Macaulay said.
“I’m fine mum. You can’t come in because…because I’m Unclad. I now sleep Unclad,” Daniel said, closing his eyes in shame over what he just said.
“Oh… Okay, If you say so. Goodnight honey, don’t let the rat scare you again,” Mrs. Macaulay said, as she walked away from the door.

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