[Story] The Money Collectors – Season 1 Episode 9


The chance eventually came one evening when Bamidele, who had gone home after the day’s work, and returned with a 504 Peugeot pick-up with some cartons loaded at the back
of the vehicle. Dike provided himself with a lump of softened putty. He hid behind the cartons as Bamidele went upstairs to collect some documents. When he returned, he
drove off immediately to his house. Once at the garage, Bamidele took a door that led directly to his bedroom and started to undress.
Dike anxiously surveyed the whole place before waiting for a chance.
He froze to death when he heard Bamidele order one of the servants to go and off-load the contents of the car. His heart was in his mouth. But before he did something rash, he again heard Bamidele calling the servant back and ordering him to do house-cleaning instead since he was expecting some visitors at 9 p.m.
The servant did the house-cleaning and retired around 8 p.m. At 9 p.m., Dike heard footsteps and he felt that the visitors might be on their way. Suddenly, there was an exchange of greetings. Bamidele came up and within a couple of minutes the voices and footsteps faded away and Dike was sure they were no longer in view. Perhaps they had moved to the sitting-room.
He came out from his hiding place and glanced at his watch. He was surprised that he had spent about four hours without knowing it. He made straight for Bamidele’s room which was still open, and searched his clothes quickly for the key without success. Still careful not to attract attention, he searched every part of the room and later found the key under his carpet. Within a few seconds, he had taken the impression
with his putty and walked back
to his hiding place.
He imagined that the visitors would leave that night and he would also sneak away in order that no one might detect him.
He crawaled near the wall and waited there. He hoped that he would make a getaway as soon as the visitors were driving away and the night watchmen would be pre-occupied with opening the
front gate for them. Then and
only then would he jump across the fence and fect a taxi. Less than fifteen minutes later, the visitors
left and Dike succeeded in escaping through the fence.

To be continued….

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