[Story] The Money Collectors – Season 1 Episode 7


Dike watched him thoughtfully and offered him a cigarette, and then asked, “Isn’t this job of ours a hard way of making a living?” He then added, “How do you feel about the whole set-up?”
Nwabueze adjusted himself before replying, “As I said, the money is good but the job is risky.”
“Have you been saving?” asked Dike.
“Just as you told me, Mr. Dike,” Nwabueze replied, smiling. “Twenty instead of fiteen per cent. I’ve got about two thousand five hundred naira in my steel box.”
He stopped smiling and paused. “I am planning to start a business when my savings are up to three thousand naira.”
“Do you keep all that money in you house?”
“Of course, I do.”
“Endeavour to put it in a bank. That kind of money is not safe at home.” Dike warned.
“I hid it in a dust-bin near the toilet,” Nwabueze said.
“Suit yourself.” Dike said.
After a short pause, Dike continued, “You’ve just mentioned something about business, Nwabueze. What kind of business are you actually interested in?”
“Oh well, that’s simple. A sizeable provision store with varieties of our cosmetic products. A soft of supermarket.”
Dike smiled lightly. “That’s a very good idea. So you think you will really be able to manage that, huh?”
“Every business is at a risk. I shall do what is humanly possible to make it viable,” Nwabueze replied. They talked at length and Nwabueze
fully bared his mind to Dike who, in turn, gave his views about the issues he raised. Nwabueze was then
convinced that Dike was his normal self. As they were leaving the restaurant, Dike bade him good bye.
“See you next Saturday, Nwabueze. See you at the
party tonight.”
“Do you envisage any trouble come Saturday?” he asked Dike.
Dike saw the fear in his eyes and assured him that there would be no trouble.
“No trouble. Not while Babatunde, Abubakre and I are with you. Take it easy O’l boy, nothing will happen.”
Nwabueze watched him drive away, and then set off his own apartment. Saturday was still far, he told himself. One million naira, the boss had said. Wow!
Was that all the money in the world?
He remembered what Dike had said about a bank and he smiled to himself. He believed the advice was well intentioned but thought it
unnecessary to bak the money since he would soon invest it in business in a
couple of months. Apart from that no one would suspect there was all that money near the toilet.

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