[Story] The Money Collectors – Season 1 Episode 6


After the count, Bamidele put the money back in the bag, and nodding at Otke, moved into his office where he put the bag in a safe. In this safe was contained about half a million naira in different weekly collections. Other collections were stashed away in the bank while still others went into business.
“Right, you two,” Otike said, looking first at Dike and then at Nwabueze. “You go now and come back next Saturday.
Understand? You are aware of what next Saturday is, We have the responsibility to make our cosmetic products available to the people for their celebrations, and it is your duty to ensure that you rake in all the money and bring it to this office.”
“The 23rd,” Dike said, nodding.
“Yes, and my bet is that we shall cover about one million naira.” Otike replied.
“Val predicted the same,” Dike said.
“So”, Otike continued, and paused to light another cigar. “Abubakre and Babatunde will accompany you next Saturday and you will collect it
in the car. No hanging about, and never mind the traffic. I’ll see the Police Commissioner. In fact, the police will assist you if you need their help.
One million naira is a hell of a lot of money and some dare-devil might just try something foolish.” He eyed Nwabueze.
Out in the street, Dike said, “Come on, Nwabueze, let’s have a hot meal at Spotlight Restaurant.”
They had done this a number of times before. They went straight to the dining room, and placed their order. After eating, they went into the bar and ordered drinks.
They drank without speaking for some time until Nwabueze broke the silence. “Mr Dike,” he began and then paused and looked at Dike. “Excuse me, have you any problem? I guess you have been sort of quiet these days. Is there anything I can do ….. do for you?”
Dike looked at him and then smiled. Dike was always a serious man, and so when he smiled, it sent a gloew of happiness through Nwabueze.
“The money i get weekly is good, Mr. Dike. I like it even though i get scared sometimes, So, if there is anything I can do for you, Just say it”.

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