[Story] The Money Collectors – Season 1 Episode 5


He was sitting comfortably at his desk when Dike and Nwabueze came in, and was apparently too busy to notice their presence. Or so it seemed, for it was rumoured that he saw clearly even when asleep. Standing by the wall was Babatunde Oluwa, a rather bulky fellow with a menacing look in his eyes and reputed to be efficient with
the gun. At another corner of the office stood another of Otike’s bodyguards, picking his teeth with a splinter of wood. He was Abubakre Rufai, a thin man with a knife scar on the right side of his face; he was also fast with the gun.
Nwabueze came up to the desk and dropped the money in front of Otike who instantly leaned back in his chair and muttered something while grinning at the bag.
Otike Abakpo was a hefty looking man of fifty-seven. Tall and ebony black he had a straight nose, a heavy moustache and bloodshot eyes that thened to scare people. Inspite of his age, he was strong and tough, and did not hesitate to use his fists in disciplining an employee of the organisation so much so that the fellow wouldn’t be active for weeks or even months after the brutal manhandling.
“I hope there were no problems, Nwabueze?” Otike asked, and when Nwabueze shook his head, his red eyes shifted to Dike who also shook his head.
“Okay, call Ransome straight away.” The receptionist Ngozi Uhaji, rushed into Ransome Bamidele’s office and informed him that the boss wanted him immediately. He quickly rose to his feet and left for Otike’s office.
Bamidele, fifty-two years of age, was Otike Abakpo’s accountant. Twelve years ago, he had served a four-year prison term for fraud. And when he was out, he was employed by Otike
to control and administer his finances. It was a wise
choice by Otike to have picked Bamidele. Apart from the fact that he was very brilliant, the circumstances
of his appointment made him a very loyal employee who was always planning more
money making ventures for the organisation.
Bamidele unlocked the handcuffs from Nwabueze’s sweating hands. He took a seat and started to check the contents of the bag. Otike watched as he smoked his cigar. Others also looked on, and eventually, the count came to one hundred and twenty thousand naira collected that day alone.

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