[Story] The Money Collectors – Season 1 Episode 20


As Dike and Nwabueze walked away, the former suggested that they should have light refreshments after collecting their salary. They entered the cashier’s office and the lady cashier gave them envelopes containing their money, their names written on the envelopes. Dike counted his pay of five hundred and fifty naira while Nwabueze counted his own two hundred and fifty.
As they left the office, Nwabueze said, “It’s been tough Dike, and I’m sorry both of us won’t work together again, You’ve been very nice to me. You’ve helped me so much that i want to say thanks for all your kindness”.
“Don’t worry about that. You were equally good to me”, Dike said.
They entered Sweet Life Restaurant and Dike ordered concorde wine which they quickly started
Then Dike said,
“I’m afraid this is really good bye, Nwabueze. As you can see, we’ve really had no serious obstacles all these years, so you were always scared about nothing”.
“I guess you’re right”, Nwabueze chuckled. “I suppose I worry a lot, but that’s the way I am. Maybe i can’t change it even if i try”.
Dike immediately thought about the operation Ahead of him that night. Worry? No! How could he worry when he was already old enough and had seen many things
happen. He had even enjoyed a fairly decent life. Even if the heist turned sour, he felt he had lived a full life, but it wouldn’t turn sour. He had planned everything superbly. There would be no hitch, he told himself.
They voluptuously drank the remanining wine and left the restaurant and then Dike offered his hand. “Well, Nwabueze, we’ll keep in touch and whenever I need
your help I’ll let you know”, he said. They shook hands.
“Whatever you ask of me shall be done wholeheartedly. Remember I am still your friend, Dike”, Nwabueze said with a broad smile.
Dike gave him a light punch on the shoulder and got into
his car. He drove straight to the tourist hotel at Obosi and bought six naira worth of African salad as Pauline had suggested.
He then went to a nearby chemist shop, where he paid for two tablets of sleeping pills. He thought of the drinks he could collect at his house for the memorial
celebration and, satisfied that he had enough at home, decided not to buy more drinks.
He then decided not to drink much that evening so that he would carry out the operation with a clear head.
He though of the hours ahead, the celebratuon with Pauline, and then got into his car. He collected a variety of drinks at his house and loaded them
carefully in his car.
Glancing at his watch, he realised that he had enough time to get things in order. It was 4.30 p.m.
He would join pauline at 6p.m. In the night he would steal the big bag of cash. Within one hour, he would re-join Pauline who would be sleeping, suffering the effect of the drug which he would add to her drink. She would not notice his absence.
He checked the things he needed for the operations: a portable tape recorder, a pair of gloves and the key to the safe. He put all these on the table and
stared at them. So these three items would fetch me some one miliion naira tonight, he told himself and smiled mischievously. There was no other thing he needed except goodluck. In about three years’ time,
he continued telling himself, he would resign his appointment and take a trip overseas to calm his nerves for the job ahead.
After the vacation, he would come back and set up the business of his dream.

To be continued….


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