[Story] The Money Collectors – Season 1 Episode 19


“Everything set?” Otike asked Bamidele.
“All is set and they’re on their way”. Bamidele replied
The four men left the office and made for Dike’s car.
At exactly 2 p.m., the job was over. There had been no trouble, and the police
assisted them by clearing the traffic. Otike had discussed with the police commissioner had, in turn, notified the Divisional Police Officer and instructed him to take appropriate action.
As money rolled into the bags, Nwabueze became increasingly afraid, expecting any moment to hear the bang of a gun and to feel a bullet pass through his body. But nothing happened. He was still looking scared when Dike pulled up outside Otike’s office.
Dike touched him on the ankle. “When I give you the signal, get down and cross the sidewalk”.
He took a defensive position and so did Babatunde and Abubakre. They swept the area with their eyes and guns, but the coast seemed perfectly clear. Dike then
nodded to Nwabueze who held his load tight and rain into the building.
Even right inside, he still felt unsafe, but assured himself that he would no longer be doing that job. Thank goodness.’
With Dike by his side, he shambled into Otike’s office and placed the heavy bag of money on Otike’s desk.
Otike was smoking a cigar when they came in and after looking them over, he nodded in satisfaction.
“Fetch Bamidele”, he ordered.
The receptionist disappeared like lightning to call Ransome Bamidele.
One remarkable characteristic feature of all employee of Otike’s organisation was smartness. Whether highly placed or not, one must be fast. He had
disciplined erring or slow officials, and with ruthlessness too.
“Sir,” Ngozi said to Bamidele, “The boss wants you immediately”.
Bamidele sprang to his feel and almost ran to Otike office.
As Bamidele unlocked the handcuffs, Otike lifted his eyebrows at Dike.
It was just a silent question.
“No trouble” Dike said, shaking his head.
Then the count started. Finally Bamidele looked Otike and said,
“This is the tops, sir, exactly one million. A big take”.
Dike felt a rush of hot blood down his spine. A cool million, he thought. The jackpot! In a few hours the large sum
of money would be his. He would now make
fresh plans since the collection was
a hell of a lot of money. He would also engage in transport business with a fleet of luxurious business. He would call it ‘No harm in Trial Transport Service’. Within a few years, he would be the richest man around. He would even be weathier than Otike because he was going to start on a solid foundation.
He just hoped that the mission would be smooth and safe.
Otike searched for a bottle of whisky from his drawer. Ngozi produced glasses and Otike poured himself a generous shot, then pushed the bottle to Dike.
Dike poured himself a glass and began to drink. He passed the bottle to the others, and within a few minutes, the bottle had been
Otike sat up and looked round the office, then
said to no one in particular,
“You should now go and collect your monthly pay from the cashier. I have just approved a Christmas bonus of fifty naira to each of
the workers. See you”.
The four of them left in pairs leaving Otike and Bamidele in the office.

To be continued….

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