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[Story] The Money Collectors – Season 1 Episode 14


“Good afternoon sir”, she said and gave him a smile.
As soon as he entered, Dike noticed that the house looked even more beautifull and luxurious than the late time he was there. He envied Otike for his ability to live in style. The girl led Dike through the vast hall, lined either side with oil paintings in a gilt frames and several suits of polised armour. Standing on one side of the hall was another Otike’s security
officials, a half caste, who looked slim and fragile but had the ability of chimpanzee.
He looked Dike over and nodded.
Dike eventually entered a big room full of dark heavy book shelves. The walls were completely covered with wall paper while the floor
had a deep-wall-to-wall carpet. He was lounging in a big wing chair, a glass of wine in hand. Sitting somewhere in shadow was Abubakre Rufai.
“Come in, Dike, and have a seat.” He waved to the maid who ushered Dike in to serve him.
Dike requested for Concord wine and the lady fetched it instantly.
Dike lit his own cigarette and settled down to his drink.
Otike smiled, seemingly enjoying himself.
“Did i interrupt something?” he eventually asked.
“Yeah, my woman was crazy about it but i fixed her up”. Dike replied.
Otike laughed, then leaning forward he slapped Dike on the shoulder.
“It’ll keep. She’ll be happier and more eager when you get to her”. Otike said
Dike said nothing but held his drink tight in his sweating hand.
Otike looked very relaxed and amiable but Dike didn’t relax.
He knew that this mood could cange any moment into snarling rage.
“Well dike, i know you might be surprised as to why i summoned you. You know you’ve worked for me close to fifteen years. Right?”
Here is the point, Dike thought.
Change of duty!!
Why couldn’t the re-assignment wait a little longer? He had expected it but not so soon.
At least he still had a couple of years to serve, or had Otike noticed something? He became afraid for a brief moment, recalling rumours people spread about Otike. That he could see through a person’s mind.
Could it be true? Well, he would have to see, to believe.
“What do I pay you at present, Dike?” Otike asked
“Five hundred naira a month”. Dike replied
Otike looked up making Dike becoming more afraid.

To be continued…..

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