[Story] The Money Collectors – Season 1 Episode 11


Pauline Nwika was born of very poor parents in Atana, Anambra State. She had very lttle education in a commercial school in her area.
After school, she used to engage in hawking goods to help support the family of four. Her father was a truck-pusher at Ochanja market, Onitsha, and a drug addict. He rarely came home to see his family in the village.
Pauline got fed up with village life at the age of seventeen and left for Ontisha where she bacme a call girl in one of
the hotels. The money she realized from the business was not much but it was better than life in the village.
It was one rainy evening that she got to know Dike who occasionally visited the hotel to have a good time. It was while Dike was drinking his beer that he was drawn towards Pauline. In her close-fitting dress which emphasized her youthfulness, she looked very attractive. She had long, coal-black hair, large b—–s and solid hips. Men often made passes at her, but
she cose only the
ones she fancied.
Dike beckoned her to a seat nearby, and she moved over. At first Pauline did not take to Dike but she liked his soft-spoken manner and decided to stay with him.
At that time, Dike had no permanent girl and needed one he would trust. Pauline, on her part, knew hundreds of men but had discovered that none of them was interested in her well-being; rather
they loved her
body and paid for that.
Dike dated he for supper and proved to be generous, Since then, they started going steady. Within six months of meeting Dike, Pauline packed into a two-room apartment, Dike providing the furnishing and paying the rent.
In spite of the fact that Pauline was grateful to Dike and liked him, she regretted the fact that he was much older than her, and was not a girl’s idea of a glamorous boyfriend. But he treated her very well and had money to spend on her. They met twice a week. Sometimes he would take her to the cinema or to a dinner. Whatever the programme, they always ended up in bed. As time
went on, Pauline appreciated Dike as a lover who was better than most young men. He and no one else could satisfy her.
Their friendship took another shape two years later when a Volkswagen Bettle car was bought for her by Dike. It made her become more sophisticated, or so she thought.
Dike had won a prize of five thousand naira in the state government lottery and was able to provide the two thousand naira needed for the car under the hire purchase system.
Dike considered Pauline a young girl who was easily pleased. He felt he could trust her and this mattered to him. He had become tired of those he considered toughies and cheats.
Pauline came a breath of fresh air. She was not demanding and was very good at love making. To him, she was more than attractive. She was always content to sit by his side in sillence or talk
whenever he was in the mood,
she never talked of marriage.

To be continued…..

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