[Story] The Money Collectors – Season 1 Episode 10


He had performed this feat some three months ago and now had a key that could conveniently open the safe. He decided that once he got the money he would
hide it in the place where disused vehicles were dumped. The place was not far from their office. He was sure no one would discover the hiding place. Then when he (Otke) was convinced that whoever had grabbed the money had got away with it, he(Dike) would then go and retrieve it.
The whole business depended on great patience because he knew that once the money was safely in his custody, he would wait for his retirement and then set up his
own business enterprise.
In Bamidele’s office where the safe is, only one bodyguard kept watch. Adimora who watched the safe wasn’t anything special. He had once been a boxer, but he hadn’t gone very far. He was pretty good with a gun and he looked tougher than
he was. His face was battered and that lent credence to his job.
Dike didn’t consider him an obstacle. He also knew he would wear gloves so that the cops could not detect his finger prints and that would him establish and unassailable alibi. He would also be in bed with Pauline and his cae parked outside her flat at the time of the robbery. He would make Pauline drunk that night so that she would not notice his absence during the one hour the operation would last.
Because the safe had been obviously opened with a key, Otike’s suspicions would rest on Bamidele, the accountant, and the police would hold him responsible since he was the only person other than Otike who had the key, and had a bad police record. Bamidele would do another stretch, he told himslef and smiled lightly. Even if Bamidele cleared himself, there were still other employees of the organisation numbering about three hundred who came and went. They would all be screened.
Dike was very sure of that.
The last man Otike would suspect, Dike told himself was Dike who had saved his life five times in the past had always obeyed his boss and had had no misunderstanding wth him.
Sitting there by the window, Dike recited the plan over and over again and couldn’t fault it. And it seemed as if good fortune was smiling on him. When he first decided on the scheme nearly two years earlier, he hoped to reap a harvest of some hundreds of thousands of naira. But now it looked as if he would be able to collect a cool million, which was the projected amount of next Saturday’s collection.
A million naira!
With that amount of money, he would be comfortable forever.
He was in high spirits when he later drove off to pick up pauline for the party. And throughout the merry-making, he was the merriest of the revellers..

To be continued…….

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