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[Story] Siriku’s Owambe Party (18 +) – The End (Episode 3)


I was now bereft of any J0yst!ck in any of my holes and I felt empty. I still knelt where I was, flushed and butt0ckz still in the air, dripping Pour and K!ttyC@t swollen, throbbing and red. It was glistening from the Pour I had just had. I was still p@nting from the orgasms and fighting to get my breath back when the mightiest J0yst!ck I have ever F***ed was shoved mightily inside my swollen cunt. I screamed at the invasion and the size of the J0yst!ck tunnelling away at my used K!ttyC@t. The guy just held on tighter to my waist as he shoved it in deeper and deeper as far as it would go. I have never been so invaded. It felt like my insides were tearing as fire burned deeply in my ragged K!ttyC@t. I screamed in pain and a conscious part of my brain thought ‘see where seeking for pleasure has landed you. This guy will kill you with his J0yst!ck or at best destroy your insides and you will never be able to carry a child anymore. Imagine how James would feel’. I started crying afresh but he was oblivious to my tears as he just pounded away obviously thinking I was in F**K heaven and expressing my pleasure by crying.
But a woman’s body especially K!ttyC@t has a great capacity for expansion and pleasure. Minutes afterwards, the pain in my K!ttyC@t changed to pleasure and instead of trying to get away from him as I was doing earlier, I started pushing back at the giant J0yst!ck doing havoc to my cunt. The full feeling was so pleasurable that I didn’t want it out. My screams of pain changed to that of pleasure and I arched my hips making my K!ttyC@t more open to receive all of the J0yst!ck in me. A wracking Pour exploded all over me and my K!ttyC@t gripped the J0yst!ck tighter and tighter, bathing it with my juices. I just couldn’t stop cumming cos the J0yst!ck was really and truly drilling and touching me in the right places. The guy couldn’t also hold back his Pour as my K!ttyC@t gripped his J0yst!ck tightly during one of my many cums and with an animal grunt, he spilled his seed while my K!ttyC@t milked him of all he had to offer.
I fell back and lay on the floor in total exhaustion at the series of cums I had. I sprawled face down, legs wide open, K!ttyC@t puffy, butt0ckz red and all dripping Pour.
I gradually returned to earth to the sound of fu-Cking. Patty was being F***ed by three cocks at the same time!!! Grunting sounds coming from her J0yst!ck filled mouth and sploshing sounds from her cunt and butt0ckz. She was in her elements as she was sandwiched between two cocks and gulping down a third. That girl has a capacity for s*x that far exceeds mine. Sikiru was one of the guys fu-Cking her and she gladly took his monster J0yst!ck and showed appreciation for it. Sikiru has staying power and showed this by still drilling her K!ttyC@t long after the cocks in her mouth and butt0ckz had spilled their loads. He gifted her with Pour after Pour before finally spilling his load. Patty was so happy she was grinning like a Cheshire cat, like a cat that got the milk and obviously she did get the milk but this one was mixed with thick akamu!!!!.
It was already daylight as light spilled in through the curtained windows. We were sprawled in different positions of exhaustion on the floor and sated, every one of us F**K sated. We all gradually slept off wherever we found ourselves.
I woke up to someone sU-Cking feverishly on my b0s0m and sounds of laughter. Opening my eyes, I saw one of the guys gulping my b0s0m like a milk hungry baby, Patty was sU-Cking another guy and the others were laughing at a bet that the guy would not last long with his J0yst!ck in Patty’s mouth. I was becoming aroused and wanted my K!ttyC@t filled. But on looking at the light spilling in through the window, I noticed that the light angle had changed. I groggily asked what the time was and screamed in shock when I learnt it was way past 3pm, in fact, almost 4.
God, James would be home soon if not home already!!!!!
I pushed back the pleasure flooding my body as I quickly stood up, dragged Patty away from her J0yst!ck sU-Cking contest and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up, telling Sikiru in the process that we were ready to leave. Patty, the slut, protested, telling me to go that she would join me later but I refused. We quickly tried as best as we could to wash away the cums on our body and I especially tried to remove the one inside my K!ttyC@t cos I know my Fiancé would want to make love to me. We tried sha, as best we could.
About thirty minutes later, we were done and ready to leave. The guys were also ready and drove us back to the now empty party arena where we picked patty’s car and drove home. My heart beat loudly in my chest as I prayed fervently in the silence of my mind that my man would not have returned. Imagine ruining something as beautiful as I have with James just to satisfy the itch in my K!ttyC@t?
Fortunately, I got home to see that James had not returned. I put my phone back on and was bombarded by text messages from him. Then his call came in that he was on his way from the airport and had been trying to reach me. I told one lie that I can’t even remember now and told him I was eagerly waiting for him.
My man returned and after all the endearments and gushy gushy feelings of love, it was time to retire into the bedroom. I dreaded our lovemaking cos I know my K!ttyC@t had not yet contracted fully to its original size and it was still dripping Pour, he would notice. What do I tell him?

***THE END***


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