[Story] Password – Season 2 Episode 12


She stood up and paced the room restlessly, finally going to the window where she stood gazing out for a long time as Maa Abena waited with bated breath.
Finally, she turned from the window and came back to her seat, sitting down gingerly and almost wringing her hands.
“We need to tread with caution, Abena,” she said carefully. “We can’t trust anyone here. Almost all the workers eat out of the Director’s hand, and they’ll do anything to please him. Let’s keep this between the three of us; me, you and Nii Lin. Director Dovlo has very powerful friends, both within and with government, and he’s one of the most respected people in the country, and he’s very talented in his field. If we give him so much as a tiny iota of suspicion he’ll do something to make Kofi insane for real. I’ll try and fix an appointment with Judge Akwasi Buabasah and let him know what’s going on.”
Maa Abena breathed with relief, and her whole face lit up with happiness.
“Oh, madam, that’ll great indeed!” she said. “I’m so grateful!”
Senior Nurse Elsie raised her eyebrows at Maa Abena Nyantie.
“Well, in as much as I must commend you for getting to the root of this matter, I must say I sense something extra in there, Abena,” she said with a glint in her eyes.
“Something extra, madam?” Maa Abena asked, confused.
“Yes, dear, like something extra for Kofi Kuntu?” she said with a smile. “He is, after all, a very attractive young man, and I’m sure he has the ability to make a lady’s heart go thump thump in the right place.”
Maa Abena gasped, shocked, and tried hard to recover from her sudden unease and nervousness.
“Oh!” she said, flustered. “Well, no, madam. I just…just feel a lot of pity for him, and nothing else, please.”
The older woman laughed and waved a hand.
“Don’t fret yourself, dear,” Elsie Ansah said. “Just needling you. But do take care, okay? I’ll let you know how it goes with Judge Buabasah.”
“Yes, madam,” Maa Abena said hurriedly and stood up. “I’m grateful. God bless you. I’ll get back to work then.”
“And one thing, Abena,” Senior Nurse Ansah said with a serious face. “Tell Nii Lin to begin rolling cameras in Kofi’s ward. I want him to give me copies of the video recordings for a month. One of his cousins is in the CCT room, and he can have copies from him. But please, let them keep it a secret! I don’t want the Director finding out about that.”
“Yes, madam, I’ll tell him. Thanks again.”
When Maa Abena went out of Nurse Elsie’s office, she stopped for a moment and took a deep breath.
She evaluated herself for a moment, and then she shook her head, her beautiful face worried.
“Nope, nope, I can’t be that transparent!” she whispered to herself. “I don’t feel anything for that boy. I’m just sad for him, and I’m pitying him! Well, it is true he is younger and handsomer than Roman Reigns, my WWE idol, but surely, I don’t fancy him, not a player like him anyway.”
As she walked along, however, the worried lines still remained on her face. Her little self-motivational speech had done nothing to erase the image of Kofi’s face from her mind’s eye.
If anything, she found herself looking forward to seeing him again.
“Oh, crap!” she whispered to herself. “My dearest Lord, I’ve served you faithfully, please! Don’t let this heart do any thump thumping for that corpse banger!”
She giggled suddenly to herself, and looked around quickly to see if anyone had seen her.
When Kofi opened his eyes Pilot was naked and squatting on his bed with his face clenched so hard that his eyes were red and veins stood out on his neck, and he was farting monstrously.
Kofi sat up quickly with great trepidation, staring at the man with bulging eyes.
“What the hell are you doing?” he exploded.
Captain, lying on his side on the bed and clutching his teddy bear, looked at Kofi’s shocked face and shook his head sadly.
“He’s trying to s–t on your bed,” Captain said. “He says he heard some evil voices coming from inside your bed, and he’s shitting on them.”
Kofi got off the bed, grabbed Pilot by the arm and pulled him so hard that he crashed on the floor. The stench of the flatulence was so bad that Kofi curled his arm across his nose.
Malboro suddenly grabbed Kofi’s shoulder and spun him around, smiling broadly and holding out his hand.
“Hiya, I’m Malboro,” he said enthusiastically. “Welcome to madness. We’re all mad here.”
“Oh comot for there!” Kofi said miserably and pushed Pilot away as he tried to climb on his bed again. “Hey! Go and s–t on your own bed if you want to s–t on a bed! Nkwaseasem ara kwa! Nonsense!”
“You don’t understand!” Pilot said plaintively. “The voices are in your bed! They’re coming for you! They’ll kill us all if I don’t poop on them!”

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