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[Story] My Strippers’ Night Out (18 +) – The End (Episode 4)


So who was calling? Wow, it was Prisca, (the innocent looking girl I had blocked at the door, of the club and we exchanged numbers, and so she asked if u was still at the hotel, she will wanna come, I answered in the affirmative, but continued that I was with someone, so she said no problems, and cut the call, and so I la!d on my bed and slept off till day break at about, 7am, so when I woke I had to discharge favour and warned her sternly against having s*x while on her red days, that it was extremely wicked and unhealthy, she was still talking back at me (rude, ignorant animal) my people Na so I discharge her quickly…
Then i reached for my phone and dial the number, she answered at the other end, I was calling Prisca, I told her the coast was clear, she can now come and join me, then she told me she will be coming, I smiled and waited..
At about 9am, she was in front of my door, brought in by the receptionist, when u saw her, wow, the night didn’t really do much good to her, she was looking better, tall, nice, young, calm and shy, and I admired her and told her to sit, after settling the price, then I went straight to business, with my solace, the armour of true justice (Durex) beside me, I helped remove her jacket, removed her blouse, and I was like wow… why doing this, why hiding these huge melons under a jacket, that is rude, u n egg we knew you had this asset, I told her not to do that again,
In quick succession I removed the bra, and funded the b0s0m like never before, in close s£nsat!onal massage, till she started complaining of pain , immediately I removed the trousers and p@nts, romanced her a little…
Funded her, and then I went into the sanctum santorium, with my full amour, and she gasped, i continued pounding endlessly, while she continued in her gasp unbridled, I went pounding, and pounding..;
After a while, I turned her to position her for a low canine, my people, as she turned I saw her whole right butt0ckz ravaged with a kind of skin infection I don’t understand ( it looks fungal) , my people, na so u stop, ask her what that was, she told me it has been in her for about 2years now… Haabbaaa!! Mo’gbe, kiloshele… . , immediately I stood up and rushed to the bathroom, washed myself appropriately and headed back to the room,
She asked if u was done, if course u said, she stood up and dressed up…
Immediately I reached out for my Retroviral kit, and ran a quick one on her, she turned out clean..
And so we engaged in discussion , she’s a young girl of about 20 (Esosa993 agemate) , fathers late, indigent mum unto petty trading, finished sec. Skool 2yrs ago, trying to save up cash for college, for the main time, she’s a hairdresser, where she’s working and learning as well.. I asked why she hasn’t visited a hospital for her challenge, she happened to have been taking various herbal concoction.
. Anyway, Paul killerman, being the man he is, I prescribed some drugs and ointment for her to solve her problem, paid her her cash and discharged her to leave…
After she left, I thanked God for keeping me alive,, then I enter motor go my house go rest at about 11am
My niggaz in the lord, na so my parole use go 3 nights ago ohhh, na so uncle use spend am, quite an experience all in one night…


Updated: February 17, 2018 — 3:05 PM


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