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[Story] My Strippers’ Night Out (18 +) – Episode 3


So my people, na so I went back to the club and met my hoes there, and concluded with favour, and took her to my room (that I just procured)
… Afterwards I bathed, and I asked to bath too, my people as the Dam pull her cloth, I discourage, there was absolutely nothing underneath the cloths, but unappealing look and trashy skin, kai, how Guyman go do now?
Just say I must continue what I have started.
My people, as the Dam go baff come back, her whole make up was all washed off, and she is on the short side… My people, the Dam was just looking like a small demon lying on my bed, but Wetin Guyman go do nau She don already collect her money, so I must fork. Na so I tell her my terms she agreed, I reached for my Retroviral kit and ran a quick one on her, she was free. Na so I position. As I was about to penetrate into the demonic gate, fully clothed in the apparel of glory, the Dam told me she was seeing her period, I felt she was joking and was bluffed her, I penetrated and was smashing the demon like a priest performing an exorcist ritual with his waist, as I was stroking, the Dam told me to hurry up, ;Dthat it seems the blood (menstrual effluent) is about coming out… Na so I stand, provoke, went in and washed up and came bacj, I asked what kind of a female is she having s*x during her red days, that it was outrageous and stupid, I told her I was done with her, that I wasn’t interested no more. .. As I was gisting, a call came in, that wee hours of the morning , from who? I checked my phone . She’s calling me now.. WTF, this night go make sense….

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 3:04 PM


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