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[Story] My Strippers’ Night Out (18 +) – Episode 2


So I zoomed off and landed at my next location at about 1am, when I entered, the whole place was hitting with loud music but there was no dancer on the cabaret,
so I got my drink and was sipping gradually and observing keenly from my vantage point…. ,
soon after a stripper stepped on the floor and got on the music, she wasn’t my spec at all, looks muscular, dark and ugly,
I just lost my cool, (seeing cute strippers is difficult) , my people, Wetin Guyman go do nau
So I just still dey observe, then I noticed 2 hoes around me, dancing seductively, and trying to catch my attention,
I had to call one (she has a cool face) , but when she presented,
I noticed she wasn’t really my kind, her body wasn’t looking succulent,
so I had to relax on her, and I called her second (favour),
who seemed to b looking better, and the cloths she was wearing, accentuated her look and made uncle Paulkillerman believe she had something underneath (guymen dey suffer Walahi) …
Not long after, I sighted a nigga walking into the club with two bitches,
one of them is slender, tall, cute, and innocent looking, as they sat down,
I was sighting the chick from my vantage,
soon she noticed me, and was also staring back at me…
I continued my gaze. , after awhile, she stepped out of the club, for whatever reason, away from the nigga (I ?, and coded, me be Guyman remember?) ,
na so I rush go outside go block the chick, introduce myself, her name is Prisca, innocent looking, after awhile of chyking,
na so we exchanged numbers and i beckoned if she could join me to my room, she declined, so I had to go back to the club to join my hoes sitted, so after settling for favour, we agreed on a price, and I left the club enroute to the reception to book for a hotel room,
on my way I sighted another hoe outside staring at me and so I beckoned on her, she rushed down to me, and asked for her to service me till I become unservicable ,
I smiled , her name’s faith, she was looking okay (not very pretty, but manageable), had straight fine legs, moderately shaped, facially she’s just there ,
she also speaks well, and so She adviced me not to spend my money on a room, instead I should pay her for an all night and come to her room where We would stay,
she also had a roommate who I could fork, if I find her attractive…
Alaye ,that temptation was too big for me to decline, me whe like s*x party like weettttiiinnnn!!!
I did t even have the strength to pray to Christ for this cup to pass me by, cos me no want am to pass me either….
So I had to change course to her room, as soon as we reached, she looted her packs of condom,
I got my featherlite Durex handy and ready, and so I excused myself shortly, and went to consume my Vega 100(half of it)..
And soon after I returned, so as we were all set,
I had to intimate her and layed my terms of service ,
I brought out my Retroviral kit, and told her,
I would have to run a quick one on her to ascertain her status, before we start, ..
She declined that she didn’t know me, and won’t be comfortable doing that,
moreover we will be using condoms, my niggaz,
then I told her, it means we have no deal, if she isn’t cool with my regimen,
she insisted on not going along,
and so I stepped out of the room, as I was leaving she started complaining on time wasted, and all trash,
so I had to gift her 500 box, to calm her down, and I left, heading next to my intended location ab initio…
The reception….

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 3:03 PM


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