[Story] My First Love – Episode 31 (The End)


opeyemi:take it easy now,i am not ready for this now
me:but i am already in the mood nw
opeyemi:try to control yourself
me:but u says u love me
opeyemi:yes i do but i am nt ready for this now,morover u owns me and i will soon allow u but nt now
I told olamide what happened between opeyemi and i the following day but i couldn’t do what he advised me to do
fast forward to our final day in the school (waec final paper day)i went straight to opeyemi after the paper with swollen and red eyes
me:that means this may be the last day i will see u
opeyemi:actually nt,moreover i will come on our v.s day
me:opeyemi,i love and cherish u the most,i can’t let go of you,you are always on my mind all days and nights,i can’t imagine a day without u
opeyemi:(sobbing)i love u bolaji,i don’t think i will love any guy as i do to you,you are the one i am hoping to spend the rest of my life with,but i promise to never forget u
me:(with tears) i also promise to never forget u too
we departed to our various way after a long kiss and hug.
Fast forward to our v.s day.although i arrived late on that day but come and see how people are hailing me,some were shouting s.p while some were shouting b.b.I bounced into the hall and went straight to a seat specially provided for me,after about 20 mins the m.c called me to the stage for the senior prefect speech,as i was speaking opeyemi was just looking at me with a charming smile.I spoke for exactly 10 mins before i left the stage,after the programme has ended i went straight to opeyemi to have a discussion with her.
Chai school uniform is hiding something oo,on that day i saw the figure eight of opeyemi clearly in a mini gown,it is like i should carry her away to my house
me:i am happy to see u again
opeyemi:the same thing applicable to me
me:i am hoping to see u again
opeyemi:and me too
after a long discussion we walked hand to hand to snap pictures together before we departed to our various way
I have never had sex with opeyemi and i don’t regret because i love and respect her,moreover sex is nt love and love is nt sex.if i had known that that is the last day i will set my eyes on opeyemi i wouldn’t let go of her,if i had known that i will not see my opeyemi again i would have go with her on that day.since that day i have never seen my opeyemi till now,i have been calling her number but what i hears is “the number u are trying to call is not reacheable at the moment pls try again later.
Till now i am still single an searching.thank God i am still a virgin

fb.arogundade waris bolaji

The End

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