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[Story] My First Love – Episode 30


from the last scene
me:zainab,i have never said i love u before now,please you ought to leave here now
zainab:(sobbing)ok,i will leave but don’t ever in your life call me again and God with judge it.
I was touched by her words but i can do nothing
opeyemi;thanks For respecting my view,i knw that what you just did now is hard to do.
me:you are welcome,i did that because i love you.
opeyemi:i love you too
we hugged eachother
she left after about 1 hour but promised that she will visit me on another day.(we did not have sex oo)
i called olamide on the phone to inform him about what happened and he said i just did the wright thing.
To my greatest surprise after our exam i was appointed as the senior prefect boy of the school (omo to be a famous guy is not easy o,come and see more approches)
I have never ask opeyemi for sex not untill my friend pushed me to do so.
olamide:have you f—-d that lady ni
me:which lady
me:no o

from the last scene
olamide;why are you dulling yourself sp,wake up now,you are ignoring many girls because of this girl still yet you have nt f—-d her.
me:i know what i’m doing, I don’t want to rush,i love this girl and i don’t want her to be thinking i am after her body,morover,i don’t want to do anything against her will.
olamide:did she ignore when you ask her for sex.
me:i had never asked
olamide:yeee,see this guy sha,i hope you are the Bolaji i know,o my goodness,is this the famous b.b,ask her first,i bet it she can’t ignore.
me:i will try it
It was a mirthful saturday i called opeyemi on the phone to visit me and she accepted.she arrived to my place at exactly 1 0′ clock pm
me:what cn i offer you
we went to my bedroom and we both sat on the bed (when i no get chair anymore),i made the first move with fear but she did not resist ,i was romancing her and she was doing so untill when i tried to introduce my hand to her boobs,but she held my hand.


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