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[Story] My First Love – Episode 29


I told Zainab to go to the bathroom and dress up but she ignored, I went to the door and opened it to my greatest surprise it was Opeyemi.
me:(shocked) Opeyemi
Opeyemi: yes
I blocked her from entering
me:you didn’t tell me that you are coming
Opeyemi: I think there is no need for that
Opeyemi: won’t you let me in
me:(froze)no let’s go to the sitting room
I tried all my possible best to confuse her but she refused. There is nothing I can do but to let her in.
on getting inside the stupid Zainab was still unclad on the bed but something that baffled me the most is that Opeyemi did not react instead she smiled to me and greeted Zainab
Opeyemi: b.b let’s have a private discussion
we went out of the building
on getting outside, I just kneeled down and started begging her
Opeyemi: I understand you and I knew that you are having an affair with both Funke and Zainab but as from today I want you to put an end to it.
me:(happy)thanks, I will do just that.
Opeyemi: firstly go and send her out and tell her not to come back that your girl has arrived
I ran inside immediately to satisfy the person I admired the most
Zainab: yes
me:enough is enough time to go
Zainab: you want to send me out because of that chicken
me:heee are you with your common sense you are talking to my girl,my life,my everything like that.
Zainab: (crying)with all your promise BOLAJI,you told me that you loves me that you will never leave me but you are doing the opposite now.
what should I do now


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