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[Story] My First Love – Episode 28


fast forward to ss3
it was a sunny afternoon, I was alone in my room,suddenly I heard the ring tone of my phone.
voice: how are you b.b
I’ve recognized the voice,it was zainab,don’t mind me oo,I didn’t save the number
me:I’m not OK ooo
me:I’m alone at home
zainab: can I come over
me:I will be happy
zainab: OK,I’m on my way
zainab: OK(hanged up)
in less than 15 mins she is in my bedroom
me:what can I offer you.
zainab: anything
me:did you mind a beverage
zainab: yes I mind,give me ordinary water
I went to the fridge and came out with a bottle of iced water
zainab: tell me the gist about what happened between you and Funke
me:not now,that is the story of another day
zainab: OK,if you said so
in less that a minute our mouth has locked together, with were kissing with passion for about 3 mins before I introduced my hand into her miniskirt, I finger f—-d her for about 5mins and then she gave me a blow job till I cummed,I s—-d her two b—-t for a good two mins,she can’t endure it any more she blurts out:give it to me,I want you inside me pls,I undressed her and she reciprocate immediately. we were f—–g each other suddenly I heard a knock on my door.
who is this


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