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[Story] My First Love – Episode 27


I looked back,it was opeyemi
ope;bolaji,which type of guy is love someone but your problem is to tell the person that you love her
me:(shockedIi don’t understand you
ope:go away joor,I tried my best to let you know that I have feeling for you but you ignored me,I tried my best to always be with you but you would have none of me,I even told you to tell me what is in your mind but you kept keep hidden it,I don’t even know if you an impotent(with tears in her eyes)
she turned back and want to leave but I held her back.
her words melt my heart
ope:let go of me
me:opeyemi please,God is my witness u are the one I loves bt the problem is that whenever I intended to let you knw the feeling I have towards you there is always an intruder,when I want to tell you in the previous week,I searched 4 you but I met you with the s.p sitting on his thigh.I felt dejected on that day and that is the main reason I don’t want to make any move again.
I looked in to her eyes I found nothing bt true love

opeyemi:you wasted a lot of time and you have loosed your chance
me:please opeyemi God is my witness you are the one i love.i can’t let go of you because you are always on my mind day and night,when i think of you,all feels so right,i need you in my life because whenever i think about love i think about you,whenever i see beautiful things,i think about you,whenever i am happy i feel you with me,opeyemi please i love you.
opeyemi:(sobing) i love you too
we hugged for about 3mins suddenly i heard a group of people clapping from behind i looked back immediately,it was the so called s.p with my stupid friend(faruq),olamide tobi and jummy
me:(shocked) have you planned this before
faruq:(smiling) i go love ooo
olamide:congratulations oga ade your question will be answered on another day,
we left the school compound with opeyemi and i walking hand to hand before we departed to our various way
my relationship with opeyemi was going smoothly not until…


Updated: January 4, 2019 — 1:24 PM


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