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[Story] My First Love – Episode 23


we were named the record breaker because we are the first team to obtain maximum point to round of 16(18 points) and the only team to have two players in the highest goal scorers’ list
we broke Adelagun’s record of 15point in 2002
when I got to my seat in the class I met lacasera and some snacks on my desk.
Me:who is the owner
Opeyemi:it is yours
I think this girl is up to something,hmmm and I don’t trust her because she may did put juju in the snack because yoruba people are very brilliant in the use of charm
me:OK who but them for me
Opeyemi:I bought it for you
me:ok I will take them home
opeyemi:no,eat it now
me:ok let eat together
we were eating and my idiot friend(faruq)was busied smiling at me before the big-headed s.p bounced into our class and draged her out of the class.I felt jealous but I can do nothing
faruq:the seal owner had collected his seal
me:safe me from this unfortunate friend O lord,I sublicated
faruq:who is an unfortunate friend?
Me:of course you
faruq:why did you people always hate a trustworthy person
me:who is a trustworthy person
faruq:I am
me:ok,get lost
faruq:I can’t go to anywhere God had created us together and we can not be separated
me:oh my goodness,faruq why are you always against my will
faruq:I always do that because I love you,that girl is not your type don’t you look at your self,you are a decent guy,I can’t allow you to marry that nymphomanic
me:haaaa,faruq how did you know that she is a nymphomaniac?
Faruq:that is a story for another day
me:liar,wow I don’t buy that,whether you like it or not I will marry that girl
faruq:hahahaha(laughing)you that you can’t even toast
me:(angry)go away jor
we were interupted by Olamide.
Olamide:how far guys
me:Faruq have started again oo you better talk to him
Olamide:faruq,behave your self now
faruq:I am just telling him the truth
we were interupted by the time keeper,he rang the bell for closing time
outside the class,I met Zainab on the school field
me:how was your day
zainab:it was fine
zainab:i missed you
me:same here
zainab:can you come to my house,I am just feeliny lonely.
Zainab:my parents has traveled since the previous week
me:where are your siblings
zainab:they are with my grandma
me:why don’t you go with them
me:ok no p,I will be in your house by exactly 5:00pm today
me:you are welcome
we departed to our various way.

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