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[Story] Mrs Chika, My Favourite Teacher (The Fvck Tales Of My Life) – Episode 23


I heard footsteps coming toward me and my stomach knotted with the thought of “what if it isn’t her?” I heard the door open and thought I heard two people enter the office. Just a few moments later the blindfold around my eyes loosened and fell away and I sat looking directly at Chika. Amina moved away from me and stopped at Chika’s side.
Chika looked at me and then turned to Amina and said, “I have to compliment you, Dr. Amina. It looks like you have prepared him nicely.” With me staring in complete awe and shock, Amina then reached her hands up and placed them on either side of Chika’s face.
Amina leaned closer toward Chika and the two soon met in a soft kiss.
My d!ck began growing as the kiss between the two women heated up and they both began to eagerly explore the other’s mouth with their tongue. As with nearly all young boys, I had fantasized about l£sb!ans often and I loved the scenes on porn where women fu-Cked each other. Seeing this was something beyond my wildest dreams and I eagerly stared as the kiss became wilder and the two women began fondling each other.
As I sat helplessly by, Chika pushed Amina back to her big desk and Amina easily guided herself up onto its edge. They continued their hungry kiss until Chika pulled herself back and sat down in the chair right next to me. She bent over between Amina’s now spread thighs and, before I could really even understand what I was seeing, she lowered her head between Amina’s legs. Amina pulled her skirt up around her waist and I could see that she wasn’t wearing p@anties.
Chika brought her mouth right to Amina’s p**sy and began licking and sU-Cking at her friend. Chika let her tongue play around and around Amina’s p**sy and soon had her groaning with lust.
Chika had Amina soaring on the edge of an orgasm as I watched in wild excitement. With a long, low m0an Amina held Chika’s head and started cumming. Her head was tossed back and I could see her nipples poking against her top as she let her orgasm roll over her.
When her orgasm passed she pulled Chika up to her mouth and they again kissed each other deeply. Amina slid off the desk and immediately began to strip Chika until Chika was completely naked. With one last kiss for Amina, Chika then turned her attention to me. Watching the women together had left me with a very hard d!ck and in dire need of some relief.
Chika straddled my lap and lowered herself down until the tip of my d!ck was grazing her p**sy lips. “Wait,” Amina whispered to Chika who held herself just barely out of reach for the relief that my d!ck desperately needed.
Amina moved behind me and leaned down close to my ear as she whispered but still spoke loud enough for Chika to also hear. “Now be a good boy and make sure Chika cums first. If you are too impatient we may just leave you tied up while she and I fu-Ck each other the rest of the day and not let you join in.”
Chika let out a soft m0an at hearing Amina’s words and then let herself sink slowly down until my hard d!ck filled her. She began to move herself up and down on my lap as I struggled mightily to control myself. I forced myself to think of homework, Barcelona, news or anything else to keep me from focusing on the two hot, older women in the room or on the extremely wet p**sy currently sliding up and down my d!ck.
Chika had her eyes closed and seemed completely focused on riding my d!ck. She moved herself up and down steadily while keeping her hands on my shoulders for support. Amina stood directly behind me and alternated between massaging my shoulders and neck and reaching over me to caress Chika’s breasts. As Chika neared her own orgasm Amina spent less time massaging me and more time feeling Chika’s breasts.
I was straining hard against my desire to cum, but I desperately wanted to be a full member of whatever activities were planned next and feared Dr. Amina would keep me tied up and force me to only watch. Much to my relief I felt Chika drawing closer to her own orgasm. I allowed myself to open my eyes briefly and saw that Amina was pinching Chika’s hard nipples and Chika was now staring lustily at Amina over my shoulder.
Just when I felt I couldn’t last any longer, I felt Chika’s p**sy tense around my d!ck and she let out a long m0an. She dropped down on me pushing my d!ck all the way inside her and swayed her hips back and forth as she came. Amina continued teasing her nipples as she came and Chika’s orgasm seemed to build and build until she finally relaxed and let the remainder of it pass over her in waves.
Watching Amina continue to fondle Chika’s breasts and seeing Chika overtaken with her orgasm pushed me to my own orgasm and I groaned loudly as I started filling Chika’s p**sy with my cum. Chika’s eyes opened and she smiled a very sexy smile at me when she felt me start to fill her. I became light headed briefly, such was the power of my release as I shot load after load of cum into her.
When I finally finished cumming, I sat still as Chika ran her hands over my chest and shoulders. “Very nice,” Amina said to me, “remarkable control for such a young boy.” She then looked up at Chika and said, “I think you’ve found a nice young boss.”
With that Amina stepped around me and met Chika with a passionate kiss that lasted several minutes. Once she parted that kiss, Chika leaned to me and met me with a similar kiss that lasted even longer than her kiss with Amina. Our lips slowly danced and our tongues circled together. It wasn’t until we parted our kiss and Amina had untied my hands that Amina looked at the clock on the wall and said, “Umm, I think you two are missing your meal.”
The three of us laughed as we sat in Amina’s car for the drive back to her apartment. Chika and I had quickly decided to skip the planned meal and we accepted Amina’s invitation to come back to her place.
Amina’s apartment was neatly furnished and felt very comfortable to me as she showed us around. The grand tour of the apartment ended in Amina’s bedroom and I soon found myself watching the two women as they stood a few feet away from me. Initially they had been talking about the decorations in the room, but their small talk had ceased when they looked into each other’s eyes and fell silent.
They looked at each other for a few moments before they mutually moved together and met in a deep, slow kiss. Their kiss continued for what seemed like many minutes and they each began to let their hands caress and explore the other’s body.
I watched closely as they began undressing each other as they seemed almost unaware of my presence. Their kiss became wilder and excited as they began stripping each other and before long they each stood naked with their tongues wildly exploring each other’s mouths.
Amina broke their kiss and guided Chika until she was lying flat on her back. Amina climbed onto the bed next to her and lowered her mouth to Chika’s nipple. Chika and I m0aned in unison as Amina began circling Chika’s nipple with her tongue before gently sU-Cking it into her mouth.
Amina explored both of Chika’s breasts at a slow, s£nsu@l pace that had Chika m0an!ng with lust and my d!ck hard. I began to play with my d!ck through my trousers, and I quickly stripped off my clothes leaving my hard d!ck standing straight out in front of me and pointing at the two women on the bed.
As I moved to sit in the chair in the corner of the room both Chika and Amina paused and watched me. I sat down and looked over to the bed to see both women staring back at me. The looks of complete lust in their eyes caused my d!ck to twitch with excitement.
Amina turned her attention back to Chika and resumed her slow tease of Chika’s breasts. Shortly afterward Amina began kissing her way down Chika’s stomach until her nose was tickling against the hair of Chika’s p**sy. Amina had turned around so she was kneeling next to Chika’s head.
Chika spread her legs wide apart and I could see the glittering wetness coming from her p**sy. Amina took her time kissing and licking Chika all around her p**sy and all over her inner thighs before she finally dropped her head to Chika’s p**sy.
Chika let out a long, low m0an as Amina’s tongue began playing with the folds and lips of her p**sy. Soon Amina let her tongue dip inside Chika and she noisily sU-Cked at her p**sy. Amina lifted her head and turned to Chika before saying, “I can taste him in you. It tastes so good.”
Chika and I groaned together as Amina moved her mouth back to Chika’s p**sy. This time Amina didn’t stop her sU-Cking and licking until Chika was groaning and twisting on the bed as her orgasm neared. With one long cry Chika started cumming. She pulled Amina’s face tightly against her p**sy and started grinding her hips back and forth against her face.

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