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[Story] Mrs Chika, My Favourite Teacher (The Fvck Tales Of My Life) – Episode 22


The next thing I knew the alarm clock next to the bed was going off.
“What the hell?” I grumbled as my mind searched for an explanation of an alarm clock on a Sunday morning. The whole test process had concluded yesterday so today was just supposed to be a free day and then we were to have lunch by noon. I had planned on staying in bed with Chika until lunch but instead was rudely awakened by the alarm.
Chika shut off the alarm and whispered,
“Good morning.” In response to my confused look she added, “The examination may be done, but I have some plans of my own for the day.” She got out of bed and I dozed off to the sound of the water running in the shower.
She wrapped herself in a towel and woke me up for the second time. I took her place in the shower and stayed in nearly as long as she had. By the time I emerged she was dressed in one of her typically sexy, but professional outfits and reading the newspaper. I got myself dressed and we soon checked out of the hotel and were in Chika’s car before I asked,
“So what are your plans for the day?”
“I’ve made an appointment with a lecturer here so you can have some time to be with them to ask any questions or whatever,” Chika replied. I had to admit that this wasn’t quite what I had in mind for that day, but I knew that Chika was only looking out for my best interests so I smiled and tried to act excited.
Chika could tell I wasn’t thrilled with her idea, but that would only make it all the better. “I’ve scheduled a brief appointment with the lecturer before breakfast and then we can go back and spend more time afterwards, if you want.”
Chika drove me to the lecturer’s office and we climbed the stairs up to the third floor. The building was completely deserted on that Sunday morning so our footsteps echoed loudly down the lobby.
“Here we go,” Chika said pointing to one of the office doors.
The door read “Dr. Amina” and I waited outside as Chika knocked on the door and then stuck her head in when a lowered voice called out. Chika disappeared inside and I could hear excited talking and some laughter as I waited out in the passage. She hadn’t told me to wait outside but I still wasn’t sure if I should go in or not. Chika stuck her head back out a few moments later and said, “Come on in.”
I stepped inside not sure of what to expect from Dr. Amina, but whatever I might have expected it sure wasn’t the beautiful woman sitting opposite the large desk from where I stood.
Her hair was jet black and was currently tied loosely by what looked like a red patterned scarf. Even tied back her hair hung in curls well down onto her back. Her style of dress was similar to Chika’s in that she wore a pink top with a black skirt.
“Lenny, I would like you to meet Dr. Amina,” Chika said. Dr. Amina stood and shook my hand lightly across the big desk.
“Hi,” was all I could weakly muster. Dr. Amina was probably about the same age as Chika, or just a few years younger. Her body was tall and slender and she looked to be in great shape. Her breasts were a bit on the small side, but they didn’t look out of place on her slender body.
“So, I’ll see you two in about an hour,” Chika said glancing at her watch. She closed the office door behind her and I sat in silence hearing her footsteps move down the hall. I smiled weakly at Dr. Amina still not sure exactly what I was supposed to do or say to her.
“Well Lenny,” Dr. Amina said standing up from her chair and covering the curtains on the big window behind her desk.
“Chika says that you are quite the student.” She paused and looked at me with a curious expression that made me suspect for a second or two that Chika had told her about us fu-Cking.
Dr. Amina let her words hang for a few moments before she continued and sat back down in her chair. “She also tells me that she has been giving you some special tutoring. How has that been going for you?” She again paused with a sinister smile as she waited for my reaction.
I was now sure that she knew about Chika and I, but just in case she didn’t I didn’t want to be the one to give it away. “She’s really a great teacher,” I said.
Dr. Amina laughed at my comment and then stood up and walked around in front of her desk so I could, for the first time, see all of her. I wasn’t at all disappointed. Her skirt stopped about halfway down her thighs. She also wore black shoes with very high heels that made her ass and hips sway erotically as she easily walked over to me.
She moved behind me and out of my vision for a moment. The next thing I knew I could feel her warm breath on my ear and could sense her presence right next to my head. Before I could turn to look at her she whispered, “She’s so sexy, too. Don’t you think?”
I turned and looked at her in surprise as she just smiled sexily back at me. I didn’t know what to say but I know that hearing her say that Chika was sexy excited him.
Dr. Amina reached up to her hair and gently pulled out the scarf holding her hair back. I watched her long hair flow down over her shoulders and watched her take hold of the scarf in both hands. In the next moment my vision was cut off as Dr. Amina wrapped the scarf across my eyes and tied it in a knot on the back of my head.
Dr. Amina ran her fingers back and forth against my shoulders as she deliberated her next move.
I sat completely still and felt electric jolts of excitement originating where her fingers touched me. I was wildly excited and shifted in the chair to give my hard d!ck some room inside my trouser. I then felt Dr. Amina lean in toward me again and she whispered, “Do you like fu-Cking her?”
“Yes,” I urgently whispered. I felt Dr. Amina’s hands start at my shoulders and slowly slide down my chest and stomach stopping only at the waistband of my trousers. She slowly pulled my shirt up and out of my trousers until it was completely untucked in. I listened closely to her breathing. I couldn’t believe how excited I was just by hearing her breath. Her fingers slipped under my shirt and she started tracing circles on my stomach.
Soon I leaned forward as she pulled my shirt up and over my head. She resumed letting her fingers explore my chest, stomach, and back and I couldn’t help but let out a few excited groans as she continued to tease me. After a long while of this, I couldn’t tell if it was a minute or ten, Dr. Amina moved around in front of me.
She began massaging my thighs through my trousers and I again groaned loudly. She only kept that up a short while before she started to remove my trouser entirely. “Stand up,” she whispered to me, who immediately followed her instructions. As soon as I stood I felt her grasp my trouser and begin to slide them down my legs. I stepped out of my trouser and groaned again as her hands immediately went to my boxers as she started to push them down my legs.
I now stood blindfolded and completely naked in front of this complete stranger. “What has Chika gotten me into?” I briefly thought before deciding, “I’ll have to thank her for this properly.”
I continued standing as Dr. Amina began lightly running her fingers all over my naked body. The only parts of me that she didn’t touch were my hard d!ck and my balls. She seemed to pause and pay special attention to my ass. When she finally pulled her hands away from me, my d!ck was throbbing with excitement and my head was spinning from a mixture of lust and wonder at where her unseen hands would touch me next.
“Sit down,” she whispered softly as her hands guided me back down to the chair. I sat anxiously awaiting her next move when I felt her take hold of one of my elbows. She pulled first one then the other of my arms behind him and then wrapped what felt like another scarf around my wrists. When she finished my wrists were tied with the scarf and seemed to be tied to the chair also as I couldn’t move my hands at all.
I felt her face brush lightly against my cheek and she whispered in a very s£nsu@l voice, “Don’t go anywhere.” I then felt her lips against mine as she gave him a very slow and soft kiss. Just as I began to respond to her kiss she pulled her lips away and I heard her footsteps moving away from me. She closed the office door behind her and I listened to the sound of her high heels walking away down the empty hallway.
I sat for what felt like the next 15-20 minutes with my mind racing. What the fu-Ck was she planning for when she returned? My d!ck was still hard and yearning for relief as I sat helpless in the chair.

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  1. It’s hhard to come by educated people in this particular subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  2. Does anyone here know how to make a nuclear bomb?
    Hope you like the climate in Guantanamo Bay. Wait for the knock on your door.

    Yes, but I obviously don’t have the tools or resources

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