[Story] Me And Abimbola – Season 4 Episode 2


Me: (*** so I was dreaming all this while. How come Bblondon was telling me that I am the father of her child.***).
Just as I was thinking about my dream…my phone rang… I picked it.
Ttech: hello bro
Me: Ttech baba, how far
Ttech: I dey bro.. You didn’t update on what happened between you, your madam and her daughter yesterday?
Me: bro is a long story. Is not what we can discusse on phone. I will tell you everything when I come to your place.
After the call, I went into the toilet to poo, immediately I sat on the WC , I had a flash back on what happened between me, Ifeoluwa and her mummy yesterday as I was bleeping Ifeoluwa.
I was bleeping her in a d—-e style when the door opened, me and Ifeoluwa jumped up in a surprised manner. I nearly fell off the dinning table. I was trying to regain my balance when I heard Ifeoluwa voice.
Ifeoluwa: (shouted) Mummy!!!
Me: ( turned back immediately to see for my self) Am gone!.
Madam:(locked the door) what is going on here.
Me: silent
Ifeoluwa: silent
Madam:(in a sad mood) Rely upon all the warning I gave you concerning Ifeoluwa. You still went ahead to sleep with her. I gave you everything you want, why can’t you live my daughter alone.
I was trying to utter a word when she gave a heavy slap.
Madam: I will tell you the kind of person you have messed with. Idiot.
Me:(still holding my chicks as ifeoluwa ran upstairs crying)
Madam:(shading tears) you must sleep inside police cell this night.
Me:(scared) am sorry madam, is not what you think.
Madam:(bringing out her phone to make a call) you will tell the police that.
Me:( *** God, if I live this woman, she will call police for me, how do I stop him now. Rely you have to do something***)
I saw her pressing her phone which I believed she was searching for the police number. I had to summon courage to talk to her in a rude manner.
Me: madam if you dare make that call, I will expose you. I will send your video having s-x with me to your husband, Ifeoluwa and all your student will watch it one after the other, I will publish your naked pictures on the internet. Don’t dare me.
Madam:( put down the phone) get out of my house.
Me: if you try me, I will destroy you, I promise you that.
Madam: I said get out of my house.
I left my madams compound and that’s how God saved me. ***The problem now is that, I don’t have any of my madams s-x video or naked pictures. What if she bounce back, and dare me. I hope it won’t happen***


The poo poo wasn’t coming out, I had to force it to come out. After stressing my a-s inside the toilet to poo, I decided to call Ifeoluwa on phone to know what’s up with her and her mummy. I tried her number up to five consecutive times but it wasn’t reachable.i decided to take my bath so I can go to school.
I got to school around 9:14 am. I saw all the student present looking at me, all my mind was that my madam has casted me and Ifeoluwa. I got so worried about the way all the student was looking at me. I walked closed to one of the student to ask him what was going on.
Me: guy weting happen, this one all eyes is on me.
Student: go and check the school notice board.
Me:( look at the guy for some seconds be going to where the noticed board is.)
When I got to where the notice board is. I couldn’t find my name among the three people going to lekki for I.T. my madam has replaced my name with another students name. I got so angry but what can I do than to call my master planners.


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