[Story] Me And Abimbola – Season 4 Episode 1


Stella and I was about going to any close eatery around to celebrate her birthday and also the new Toyota car her father just got for her as birthday gift. Both of us are already behaving as a couple. I hardely have time to spend with Abimbola. Stella is now my number one woman. She love me so much, I can easily tell that. She bought expensive cloths and phones for me to look classic. After buying some expensive cloths and shoes for her self, she rather tell her friends that I was the one who bought it for her. She made me look like a bigger guy among her friends. She due talk about marriage but am not yet ready for that and at the same time, am not yet ready to loose her.
We got to the eatery around 4:15pm. I felt like eating shawama which I didn’t hesitate to order. She bought one full pizza for her self with some fruit juice.
Stella: baby
Me: yes sweetheart
Stella: I have a surprise for you
Me: (sipping my chivita) what could that be?
Stella: me and my daddy is moving to Malaysia in next two month.
Me: (sad) so you wanna live me here all alone?
Stella: (dropped her sliced of pizza) not at all baby. You know I can’t stay without you by my side, am preparing your own passport and vice. You are going with us
Me: (jumped up) you don’t mean it baby, tell me you are joking
Stella: (stoop up and gave me a kiss) no am not joking
Me: what about your father.
Stella: I have discussed everything with him.
Me: thank you baby..
As I was thanking her, my phone started ringing, I checked the caller, it was from that particular number Bblondon normally use to call me.
Me: (excused my self) hello blessing
Bblondon: rely we are in serious trouble
Me: (my mood changed) what happened
Bblondon: he has found out ooo…we are dead rely.
Me: who has found out, and what is it the person found.
Bblondon: rely this is not what we are going to discusse on phone, come to the hotel behind my office. So we can find a way out of this.
Me: what are you tal….
The call ended as I was about to ask her something. I became afraid immediately, I don’t have any idea of what was going on with Bblondon. (*** how will I tell Stella that I wanna go out now. After telling me all this good news. God why did I meet Bblondon at the first place, why is she tormenting my life to this extent***). I made up my mind to formulate lies for Stella so i can go and meet Bblondon and know what the problem was is all about because my mind wasn’t at rest at that moment.
Me: baby, that was my mummy.
Stella: ooh my mother in law, what did she say?
Me: she said I have to come home now, emergency things.
Stella: not now nah.
Me: don’t worry baby, night party is still there, I will come before 7:00pm and keep you company.
Stella: promise
Me: I crose my heart.
Stella: OK then, let me drive you home
Me:(chai, which kind witch is this one). Don’t worry baby, today is your birthday, you don’t need to stress your self.
Finally, I convinced her and left her there. I got to the hotel where Bblondon is, I spotted her in a corner looking so pale. I became more worried, for her to look this way, something is really wrong.
Me: what is it Bb
Bblondon: he has found out.
Me: who, what are you talking about.
Bblondon: Leonard has found out that Daniel is your child.
Me: ( shivering) mo gbe ooo. How, yeeh we are finished.
Bblondon: I have packed all my things, am running away.
As i was about asking her where she is running to, I had a tap on my body.
Uncle: so you are still sleeping by this time.
Me: good morning Sir
Uncle: am about to go…wash those cloths inside my room before evening so they can dry.
Me: OK sir.
Uncle: ( he left)
Me: (*** so I was dreaming all this while. How come Bblondon was telling me that I am the father of her child.***).
Just as I was thinking about my dream…my phone rang…

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