[Story] Me And Abimbola – Season 3 Episode 19


Ifeoluwa: this is my second time of doing this to a guy.
Me: who was the first guy you practiced it with?
Ifeoluwa: that was my first boyfriend Judson.
Me: are you guys not dating anymore?
Ifeoluwa: not at all, he was a player. After taking my veginity away, I found out that he was also dating my best friend.
Me: eyaa sorry baby.
Ifeoluwa: is OK, thank God I found you at last.
Me:(***oloshi, nah me you wan dey hope on abi, you never see anything***)
I used one of my hand to remove the glass cup on the dining table, I carried her up to the dining table. I kissed her so persionately and squzzed her boobs. I removed her singlet, it was easier for me to locate her boobs because she was braless. I s—-d her two boobs simultaneously while she was moaning in a low tempo. I was a little bit shy to tell her to suck my joystick since she didn’t figure it out by her self. For some minutes into the kissing and romancing. I picked up some courage and let the dog out of the chain.
Me: ife! Can you suck me?
Ifeoluwa: no problem
Me: (***shuu, and you said this is your second time. Oloshi***}
She opened my zip, drew my trouser down, pulled my buzzer down and brought my equipment, she s—-d it including my two balls underneath. She was pretty good at it but not like her mummy. Her mummy sucks in a professional way.
I held her head with my two hand then started going in and out inside her vocal cavity. She nearly throw up because of the size of my joystick. After some minutes on blow job, I brought my joystick down to her boobs, I placed it in the middle of her two melons while she used her hand to close it with her melons. I started going in and out. ,

I was really shaking. The sweetness of her own was totally different from my madams own, maybe because she was still young.*** If only her ordinary body can taste like this, how will her kittyc@t taste***.
I can’t wait to taste her p—y. I lay her down on the dining table while she lifted her two legs up to give me a clear view of the p—y so I can penetrate easily and give it to her so hard, I climbed on top her, s—-d her boobs before mounting my joystick inside her
kittyc@t gently. Her p—y was still tight and wet. I started eating her little by little. I increased the speed as soon as I notice that she was already out of the physical rhythm.
I carried her out of the dining table to one of the sitting room chairs. I placed her back on the chair, drew her booty outside the chair. This time, the kittyc@t was clearly viewed for bleeping. I mounted my equipment back to her kittyc@t and she left out a strong moan. I started bleeping her again, I was going in and out, spooning her front and back.
I took her back to the dinning table, this time it was my turn to lay on the table. I lay on the table while she climbed on top me to give me woman on top style. She positioned her
kittyc@t straight to my joystick. She started going up and down slowly until she geared the speed. I was really going crazy, her Mummy kittyc@t can’t be compared to her own. Her fresh blood was really amazing. In fact I wasn’t ready to get down from her
story by relysmile
After some minutes on woman on top style, I moved her over to the fridge in the sitting room. She held the fridge with her two hand then bent down in a d—-e style. She is just a bad f**cker. I held her long hair, then dipped my joystick into her kittyc@t from the back. I ate her for some minutes until I was about to c-m, I withdrew my joystick, placed it on her vocal, so she can suck the c-m out.
I cumed on her boobs after which she dipped my equipment inside her vocal to dry it. We were both tired and exhausted, we lay on the ground for some minutes before locating where bathroom was. We both took our bath together and dressed up. She saw me off to the gate where I later entered a bike that took me home.
I got to my place around 5:41pm. I was a little bit tired, so I decided to rest, I was about laying down on my bed when I had a call from AY
Me: hello bro
Caller: this is AY sister…AY is very very sick..
Me:(cut in) AY kee, what happ…
I didn’t finish what I was about saying when the call ended. I became scared, I dashed outside immediately and stop a bike man who took me to AY’s place.


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