[Story] Me And Abimbola – Season 3 Episode 18


Ifeoluwa: ( laughing) so funny, when are you coming to see me again?
Me: the last time I came I was nearly caught by your mom and you want me to come again.
Ifeoluwa: that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come again. She won’t catch you. After all, you knows how to lie your way out.
Me: are you stylishly calling me a liar?
Ifeoluwa: know nah, oya answer me, when are you coming?
Me: tomorrow!!
Ifeoluwa: tomorrow is your exam nah and you have to go to work.
Me: after my exam I will come straight to your house. Concerning my work, they said that every Thursday is my off day. So am off tomorrow.
Ifeoluwa: yeeeh, that’s my baby, let me start preparing.
Me: prepare what.
Ifeoluwa: your food and the rest.
Me: and what is the rest?
We chatted on WhatsApp for some minutes before saying bye to each other. Though I was tired but I have to read my hand out to prepare for my exam tomorrow. After reading my handout, I beeped Stella on WhatsApp.
Me: hello love
Stella: sweetheart you are still awake
Me: yes baby, remember I told you about my exam tomorrow. So am preparing for it.
Stella: that’s good, my professor husband.
Me: husband?
Stella: yes, see rely I have something to tell you and I want you to come over to my place. I have told my daddy about you and he is waiting to see you.
Me: seriously?
Stella: yes love, when are you coming?
Me: less say during the weekend.
It was already late and I have to go to school tomorrow, I offed my room light, put my earpiece on My ear then put on radio. I listened to it until I dozed off.
I sat on my chair waiting for my paper. The girl beside me was busy disturbing me to help her out during the exam which I gave her hope to help her out. Exactly 9:30am, our exam paper was served to us, I did help the girl beside me because the exam wasn’t hard as I expected it to be. After the exam around 11:30am, we were told to wait that madam wants to talk to everybody. We were all waiting in the hall when she entered inside putting on red top with mini skirt and high hill, she really looked pretty good.
Madam: good morning all, your long awaiting exam has been concluded today, we are now waiting for our three student. Your result will be ready by tomorrow and the three student who made it, there names will be pasted on the notice board on Wednesday next week. We sopposed to send the three students out coming Monday but it was cancelled due to some issues. New date has been fixed which will be on the Friday next week. So pray for your name to be among the three, because this will be a great experience before you live the school.
I was busy staring at her as she move from one end to another. She really look so beautiful on the cloth she was wearing.
After her sermon, I gisted with my class mate about the exam and who the three students might be. Though everybody keeps on calling my name as one of the three. We were still gisting when my phone vibrated on my pocket. It was Ifeoluwa, I picked the call and excuse my self from the class.
Me: hello ife mi
Ifeoluwa: are you people through?
Me: yea, we just finished now
Ifeoluwa: wow, so how was it?
Me: not so hard, the result will tell the story.
Ifeoluwa: I trust you, so when are you coming?
Me: soon, I will get there soon.
Ifeoluwa: I can’t wait baby.
After the call, I shaked some of my guys and went downstairs so i can take a bike that will take me to my madams house. I got to her place around 12:15pm, I paid the bike man and put Ifeoluwa on a call to inform her of my arrival. She came down after the call to pick me up. She was wearing a transparent singlet with out any bra. Her n—-e was showing clearly which gave my the real clue on what is going to happen inside.
She pressed her boobs so tight on my chest as she was given me a hug. My joystick has already started warming up. We both entered inside. I saw my food on the dinning table well arranged. I went straight to the dinning table because I was really hungry. The exam really removed some energy in me.
Me: so baby what is inside the plate..
Ifeoluwa: guess.
Me: jellof rice.
Ifeoluwa: oooh my goodness, how on earth did you know that.
Me: am a good guesser.
After eating, we both climbed upstairs to finish what we started the other day.


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