[Story] Me And Abimbola – Season 3 Episode 17


I was happy and at the same time enjoying the shower. I got a call from the company yesterday asking me to resuming work with them. Atleast I will start earning cool money apart from night hustling. After taking my bath, I went to the kitchen to dish my food. After eating, I went straight to the school.
I didn’t see any student yet because it was too early. It was 7:30am, I looked at the engineering room where me and ngozi used to be. Am no more angry with her nor planning on revenge. I just wish she will just appear. I was still having flash back when my WhatsApp message tone beep. I opened my WhatsApp, on my greatest surprise, I saw a message from an unknown number.
When I opened the message, it was video message, I had to wait for it to download. After the download, I found out that it was a video about Jesus Christ, how they killed him and rest. That reminded me about my Christian life, I went to the engineering room and sat down, I felt so sorry for self, I asked God for forgiveness. I was crying when I had a sound in the other class. I cleaned my eyes then went outside to check who the person was.
It was one of the student, we both greeted each other. I went back to the room and continue to cry and sober. I promised my self to confess my sin in church coming sunday. Class started around 9:15, we are already in our last package which was Photoshop. After the class, we was told that our exam is coming up in next two day, that three best student are going out to represent the school. We were told that the three student will be collecting 17 thousand as salary per month.
After the short sermon, I checked my time and it was 2:03pm. I didn’t wait for a second more. I dashed outside to the bus stop, I entered danfu bus which will take me to the company. I got there 2:35pm because traffic was less.
I went to the manager office who was still attending to a young lady. I waited for him to be through before I can go in. After some minutes, I saw the lady coming out from the office, I had to rush immediately before another person will do so. I knocked as I got to his door.
Manager: coming!!
Me: (open the door) good afternoon sir..
Manager: oooh Mr rely, I hope am right?
Me: sure sir, you are absolutely right, I came because the company message I saw yesterday, that I was offered the job I was looking for.
Manager: yes, that’s right. Someone will show you your department right away but before that, we have to discusse the price.
Me: OK sir
Manager: we are going to start with 15 thousand, as time goes on, the salary will be increased. Are you OK by that?
Me: definitely I am.
He made a call. Not less than two minutes after his call, someone entered the office.
Manager: rely meet Ola… The head of your department.
Me: hi
Ola: hi
Manager: take him to your area to start work immediately.
I was taken to one large room where they produce cream. I saw five ladies with three boys present in the room. I was given my working cloth and I was asked to change immediately so I can quickly grabb how to mix some chemicals. I was really enjoying the work. My colleagues are really cool, the guys cracked some jokes as we work. The ladies are very cute and beautiful. I have to be gentle guy I am until it is time to strike.
I closed work around 6:00pm But I got home around 7:15pm because of heavy traffic. I was really tired and had to take a chill pill. I dozed off without taken my bath.


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