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[Story] Me And Abimbola – Season 3 Episode 16


I was watching television in the sitting room after the encounter with my madam when her daughter ifeoluwa came in.
Ifeoluwa: are you still sitting here since then?
Me: yes, I was waiting for you.
Ifeoluwa: what about my mom?
Me: she should be upstairs.
Ifeoluwa: OK, I will be with you in no time.
Me: OK love, am waiting.
She climb the staircase to a point then ran down to where I was, gave me a kiss before climbing up. I was really tired because my madam really drilled me to the last. I was watching television when ifeoluwa came down with #2000. She handed the money over to me and told me that her mom asked me to use it as my transport fee. I colleted the money from her. We gisted a little before she saw me off to the gate. I waved for a bike my who will take me back. I was about climbing the bike when she said.
Ifeoluwa: are you gonna live just like that?
I already know what she want, I moved closer to her, kissed her then give her a tight hug at the same time, I squizzed her A$$. I removed my hand from her A$$ when I had the bike my saying ” Oga small small ooo”. We both waved at each other before I disappeared from that vicinity. We drived acrose Tantalizer, I asked the bike man to stop so I can get some ice cream. I need to replace all that I removed. My madam is very very dangerous, she nearly collected everything in me.
After buying the ice cream, I directed the bike man to Ttech place. We got to Ttech place around 5:32pm. I gave the bike man #1000 which he returned my change. I went inside Ttech compound, I went straight to his apartment, I saw his sandal with a lady sandal in front of his door. I knew fully well that something must be going on inside. I knocked three times but know one answered me. I knew he was around. So I decided to open the door.
Immediately I opened the door, I saw a lady hand bag, jean trouser, black T- shirt, black bra, yello pa@t, Ttech buzzer and empty carton of condom on the floor. I looked at the pa@t again. The owner must have a big A$$. I rested my ear on Ttech rooms door, I was hearing some slight moan which totally convinced me that Ttech has embarked on a journey. I took my phone to alart him of my presence on WhatsApp.
Me: Ttech baba, I dey your parlor ooo…
Ttech: ( 3 minutes later) you mean am?
Me: yes nah, who be that girl wey you wan tire her yash?
Ttech: omo nah my new girlfriend oo. She hot die. You go see her when we finish.
Me: sha no die inside there, if una wan come out tell me make I go outside.
Ttech: why nah, stay nothing dey happen..
Me: you no well, you don forget say she live her pa@t and bra for here.
Ttech: seriously
Me: just hit the door when you are through.
Ttech: no problem bro…
I started pondering over what Bblondon said. What actually is she gonna tell me. What problem is she planning on putting me into. I asked my self series of questions which I couldn’t provide an answer. I brought out my ice cream, after enjoying it, I was about disposing the container, when I heard I hit on the door. I quickly disposed the container then went outside to wait for Ttech.
Nothing less than 13 minutes, Ttech opened the door and came out followed by his girl
Ttech: rely baba how far you nah
Me: bro am fine, who is this damsel beside you.
Ttech: the love of my life. She is the one I was telling you the other time nah.
Me: Ttech baba, you only use this your eyes to see better thing.
Ttech: u no well
Me: our wife so what’s your name
Ttech gf: (smiling) my name is FOLASADE but my friends calls me Mahreey bee.
Me: what a sweet name for a sweet damsel like you.
Mahreey bee: thanks
Me: Assuming I saw you earlier, I would have …
Ttech: ( cut in) is OK. How far the company, have they called you?
Me: I haven’t heard anything from them.
I was about telling him that Bblondon called me when I remembered that she warned me not to disclose anything between me and her to anyone. I knew my master planner will have a plan on how to handle Bblondon but am afraid to tell him. I don’t wanna die yet.


Updated: June 16, 2018 — 10:14 AM


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