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[Story] Make Me Your Wife – Episode 8


Six months later, the Adekunles and miss Believe Ekem sat in the living room of the Omonaiyes.
“Omolara, my child you know why we are gathered here today” Mr Omonaiye said and i nodded.
“My child, please tell us what happened between you and mr Chukwudi on the 15th of june” Mrs Omonaiye said.
“It was a day i would never forget” I said sadly.
“Will, you speak up and let us know what to do or do think we don’t have other things to do?” My dad shouted.
“Lara my dear. Please say it na, let us know if what miss Believe here, said is true?” my mum pleaded.
“Okay, on the 15th of june, mr Chukwudi the finance manager insisted i wait behind so we could go through the company’s financial records after work. He delayed seeing me until everyone has gone home and when he finally did, he tried forcing himself on me, i struggled but he wouldn’t let me go that was when miss Believe came in and accused me of sleeping with him i tried explaining but she slapped me, i got furious and warned her before leaving the office then called Deborah and explained everything. It was when i came to work the next day i heard of the missing money” i said wiping my tears from my face.
“Yes, is that all?” Mr Omonaiye asked.
“Yes sir, i swear that is all. Mr Chukwudi never slept with me sir, Miss Ekem misinterpreted everything. I don’t know why the eleven million naira that is missing from the company is traced to me, even when the finance manager is no where to be found” i explained admist tears and pain.
“Miss Ekem, said you have a hand in it but there’s no concrete proof. So we would have to put you on suspension until we are through with our investigation” Mr Omonaiye said.
“Thank you daddy” My mum said as she knelt down.
“Nooo, get up it hasn’t come to that. Lara here is also our child and we know she is saying the truth.” Mr Omonaiye said as me and Deborah joined my mum in kneeling down.
“Dad, mum, daddy and mummy Adekunle can i please have a moment with miss Believe?” Nicholas asked.
“Yes go ahead, the meeting is dismissed. Ronke, take Lara to your room.” mr Omonaiye said.
“Thanks dad” we chorused and we went to Deborah’s room.
“I so much hate that Believe girl. I wish i can kill, break, bend, and fling her” Deborah said and it brightened me up as i laughed.
“What? I mean Deb, can i ask a question? Do you think Nicholas is having an affair with miss Ekem? I inquired.
“God forbid bad thing, its not possible na. Nicholas truely love you, you would see” she said.
“Am not talking about love, he has suddenly clinged to her. Was just curious that’s all” i answered instantly.
“Okay, with the way big bro takes u serious Chukwudi would be caught very soon. Eleven million is just too big for him” Deborah said.
Few hours later i got a call from Nicholas inviting me to a restaurant.
got into the restaurant and found Nicholas in the place he said he would be, we greeted and we got talking, i became emotional and he wiped my tears and told me everything would be alright. He later dropped me off at home and i retired for the night.
The vibration from my phone woke me up the next day, it was Deborah, telling me that Mr Chukwudi has been arrested and he has confessed that i had no hand in the company’s stolen money. She later said Nicholas was my saviour in the case and that mr Omonaiye wants me to resume work that day.
A board meeting was held that day and the entire management of NCL officially apologised to me and i was made the financial manager. I was given the rest of that day to celebrate with my friends and colleaques as a small party was held for me.
“Hi, darling” a gentle male voice said to me. I turned around felt tizzy for some minutes.
“Look who we have here, wowww Kunle. My goodness see my secondary school hubby is all grown. My oh my. Kunle what are you doing here?” i hugged him and touhed his cheek infront of my colleaques, suprised at his huge size, not knowing Nicholas watched from afar, angry and jealous.
“Hi Kunle, sweet. I missed you o. Thanks for coming, i thought you’d never show up” Deborah chipped in.
“Permit me to say this, girls you are looking like the goddess of the sea. You are much more bigger than me” Kunle said.
“Excuse me, Miss Deborah, the manager wants to see you now” Mr Hassan, a co-worker said.
“Okay” she said and went to see Nicholas who had a frown on.
“Hey big bro, why did you isolate yourself from the party. What’s up?” she sat down. “Ahn ahn, why the frown? What’s wrong?” Deborah asked.
“I hate her, i hate her so much. How could she throw herself at him like a LovePeddler?” Nicholas said angrily.
“Bro, no na, why do you have to say that? That’s Kunle, our secondary school classmate. She is just overjoyed that’s all” Deborah said.
“Is that how to behave? see what she is doing. Do you know, i kept myself for that LovePeddler and now she is seducing a guy in public in my presence. How am i sure my assistant wasn’t right about she and mr Chukwudi” Nicholas retorted.
“My goodness, Nicholas are you a virgin?” Deborah screamed. “Wow, you two are good to go, she is also a virgin as well” she said.
“Virgin my foot, tell no one about me being that, have i made myself clear?” Nicholas snarled and left the party.
Deborah returned back to us laughing and excited and told me Nicholas said he was tired and heading home when i asked about him. I was greatly disturbed as to why Nicholas would just leave without saying a word to me and so i lied about being tired and left the party.
The next day was a busy one for me and i couldn’t make out time to thank Nicholas for his help.
“Hey babe, how are you doing?” Deborah asked me.
“As you can see am very busy putting the financial records together. How is your bro?” i asked not removing my eyes from my work.
“He is fine. Talk to you later” Deborah said and left. Towards the end of work that day i got a call from Kunle telling me he would pick me up after work. I quickly hurried and tidied up my work and left my office but stopped and entered Nicholas office when i saw his door open.
“Sir, are you okay?” i asked him.
“Go, get out you LovePeddler” he snared as he raised his head from his desk revealing his teary face.”
“I beg your pardon, i was only trying to help sir. I am not a LovePeddler” i said as i headed for the door.
“I don’t ever want to see you around me again. I hate you, get out before i lose my temper” he said.
I got out in tears and went to where Kunle parked his car and couldn’t say anything even when he tried comforting me as he drove me home. All my thought that night was why Nicholas could use such harsh words on me.

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