[Story] Living In Fear (Dust to Gold) – Episode 13


Favour needed not to go to UK for her to be
able to see Nath anytime he comes back. She
wanted to leave Omuchi not because of her
situation but because of her father’s
persuasion to leave the house due to she
had rejected all the suitors that came to her
and refused to travel abroad. That was a
hard decision. She could be seen at the
residence of Mrs Ola crying along with her
coz none wanted to leave the other. She had
been a source of help to her, cooking, and
encouraging her not to worry about her
son. Now, she’s leaving to another town far
away from Omuchi.
She knelt before Mrs Ola in the sitting room
holding her hands with tears in her eyes. “I
will come back to you, so as your son. I want
you to have faith on that. I know wherever
Nath is, he’s fighting so hard to come back
for you. Don’t worry so much about it, ma”
“Which side are you going to my daughter?”
Mrs Ola asked in tears.
“May the good Lord guide and protect you”
“Amen” Favour reluctantly left her hands,
stood up with her bag and went out of the
room. She was going to stay with her uncle
in Calabar.
The grasses seemed to be running as
Favour looked out from the glass of the bus
she was on. The breeze coming in through
the glass reminded her the very moment she
was with Nath at the mountain. She exhaled
heavily. Her whole body needed nobody but
Nath. “Will i see you again, Nath? I’m afraid
not” she concluded in thought, closed the
glass and closed her eyes.
Back to the island, at another side of the
seashore, Nath could be seen all alone
building another raft. His sprouting beard
had become growing beard thus changing
his look, added to the bushy hair on his
On another angle of the seashore were
Andra and Elizabeth playing with the water.
They laughed, ran and caught each other
Bernard stood at the entrance of the forest
watching them.
“I’ve never seen my daughter so happy like
that” Nelly’s voice came from behind. Before
he could turn, she had stood beside him. “I
guess she’s getting along with your son”
she added.
“Obviously, yes” Bernard replied without
looking at her.
“My daughter had always wanted a brother.
I guess she has found one”
Bernard chuckled then looked at her. “Do
you believe they can stay like brother and
“Why not?” Nelly returned the look
surprisingly. “Why do you think they can’t
“Just look at the gaze in their eyes, you’ll
believe me”
Nelly did as he said then understood what
he was trying to explain. She directed her
eyes to Nath to see him working seriously
on the raft without even a double thought
or a change of mind. He worked as if his
heart longs to see somebody or people so
precious to him. He straightened up, glanced
at Andra and Elizabeth and dried sweat from
his face with his singlet, then resumed the
“He put so much interest on what he’s
doing” Nelly told Bernard.
“Who?” he asked.
“I mean Nath”
Bernard also directed his eyes to him. “He so
much believe on himself”
“I guess we should join him build the..”
“Never!” Bernard interrupted. “Look at the
ocean where you see nothing but the ocean.
Which way do you thinking you gonna sail
to? The wave out there comes like a falling
mountain. If you must know, i fear to lose
my son” he walked out into the forest while
Nelly exhaled looking at her daughter who
laughed excitedly.
Darkness came upon the island except in
front of the hut where a fire burnt
continuously. Already, before the pass three
weeks, Bernard and Nath had build another
hut. Nobody was by the fire as they use to
thus sitting in separate ways. Bernard and
Nelly remained in their various huts while
Nath and Andra sat alone on rocks a bit far
from the fire. Only Elizabeth was by the fire.
“Hey, brother” Andra began but Nath kept
staring at the stars. “You know what, i
believe in you and I’m gonna sail on that raft
with you again” silence lingered. Andra
followed his eyes to the stars. “I guess you
miss Favour”
“Yes, so much” Nath brought down his eyes.
“What if she gets married before you see
her again? You know, all women count their
ages as they live their lives. You don’t expect
her to be waiting for you when she doesn’t
even know where you are”
Nath looked at him reasoning his words. “I
don’t think Favour will forget me so easily
like that. I can feel it in my heart. I listen to
my heart not to anybody”
“Just as i listen to mine too”
“What do you mean?”
“You once told me that my heart is the one
to tell me when I’m in love not my eyes or
mind, so i guess my heart is really talking to
me about Eliz” Andra turned to see Elizabeth
by the fire. Her beauty reflected on the flame.
Nath also saw it and smiled.
“It’s a good thing my dear Andra, and if it is
for real, it is the best feelings ever” he
touched his head, stood up and went into
the hut to meet Bernard.
Andra turned to see Elizabeth already
staring at him, then they smiled..

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