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[Story] Journey Through The Wilderness – Episode 7

Loud banging wake me up the following morning. I was very surprise what his happening in the house not until I get to the parlour and saw my friend fiancé lying on the pool of her blood.
I rush to her and feel her pulse she was still breathing I carry her on my shoulder and rush outside when the gate man saw me he rush to me and help me with the car key and door. I can’t see the trace of my friend in the compound. as am not familiar with the environment the gateman start the car and off we when.
after driving for like 10 min we locate a hospital I rush inside, where I went to meet the nurse they come with there roller and carry her inside.
I and the gateman waited at the reception I keep pacing up and down trying to understand what the course of there fight because I don’t see them having any misunderstanding the previous night. and if it because of me I would leave there once and for all.
as I sighted the doctor coming out of the ward he summon me to his office. when I get there I sit down faxing him.
before he drop the bombshell.
Doctor: Am sorry sir, we try all our best but it like her time is up on earth
feeling impatient I shouted at the doctor what the answer but his reply caught me off guard
Doctor ;; she’s dead

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