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[Story] Journey Through The Wilderness – Episode 6

After Driving for like 45min we drive into an estate m really surprise seeing all those big house. though not my first time of seeing one I see a lot in the movie but in reality my first. My friend stop in front of a Magnificent mansion or what should I call it. the gate was open by a guy of like 25years as we drove in the guy greet him he just shake his head and park off the ignition and come down I was rooted to the sit because I was waw by the compound very need spacious with swimming pool and 5 other car inside the compound.
I started praying in my mind that have this type of mansion although I don’t know the type of work his doing.
I came Down and saw A damsel abi let me say mammy water, Tall, boobilicios and hips like Nicki minaj At the front of the door staring at me.
as a codes guy I grab my suitcase vto my side and move to her by then my friend is no where to b found I come closer to her she give me the tightest hug have received in my life her two boobs pressing firmly to my xhest, she’s smelling like strawberry flavour by then my oga downward have risen and kicking through the fabric of my trouser Like agana lizard, she disengage from me and collect my suitcase turn and open open the door and lead the water to there parlour/sitting room I could see her backside shaking slowly like Ariana garde.
The parlour is neatly arrange from the sofa to the rug table TV I don’t know what to say than curse all the witch in our village for following me person wey no get primary6 result living in this type of house.
soft hand on my shoulder brought me back from my thinking country. She ask me what am thinking but I have to lie to cover up she just smile and that her dimple o my god is really visible. her red lip and makeup like a Friday striper.
she lead me to my room, drop my suitcase and left my room. I arrange my clothe and went to bath change to a comfortable clothe and went to stair to talk with my friend.
getting down I realize m d only one at home I went to the kitchen to the sweet aroma of a pepperish chicken with chips I step it down with a juice.
all I could remember again is. sleep

Updated: October 10, 2017 — 8:07 AM


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