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[Story] Journey Through The Wilderness – Episode 2

Episode 2
Being the first born and a boy is Like hell on earth. I have to do some menial job to support the family after my nysc, and I can’t secure a job. Most of my friend have went to the city, while most of them Are doing some business.
I went to chinedu house to talk to him about how he can help me also. he already promise to take me to Lagos with him to start work.
before I left he gave me #24000 to get some things I will need, Getting home I saw my mum outside blowing the fire with her mouth I just shake my head, and went close to her I gave her part of the money and explain everything to her. I enter my room,pray, and pack some of my clothe to my old school bag, before I went to eat and sleep off. Chima wake up?? I thought m still sleeping cos I jump up from the bed like someone the police is pursuing….I could here laughter from the background before my eye clear and saw my mum and junior brother and sister in my front.You better stand up and have your bath before your friend Leave you behind, that the only word I hear before I dash to the bathroom.
After bathing and dressing up.I get to the parlour to meet my friend dressed talking with my Parent, I dash to the kitchen to grab something to eat before. I was so happy because I know I will also be in the city in some hours time, start my dream work Accountant, and come back to the village to build my own house nd drive my own car.I went back to the parlour to meet them through with there talking.
I was followed outside to the car my friend bought latest Venza. he open the back door for me to drop my bag I open the front door I sat on it he also enter the driver side and start the car. after 30 min we re out of the village.

Updated: October 7, 2017 — 10:59 AM


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