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[Story] Journey Through The Wilderness – Episode 13

I wake up later feeling pain all over my Body,my head keep thrudinglike say Anthony Joshua give me punch. I stand up on my feet and look
around the room am in, everything there is painted white and the bed I
wake up on is white. I started panicking and rush to the door as I
want to open it the door got open from outside and q lady walked in
carrying a tray and drop it on the bed.
I want to talk to her but she placed her hand on my lip and exit the
door with a loud bang on the door.
j got near the tray and saw a white paper on it ( Brother am sorry for
all that you have gone through. have called your parent at home and
told him you are doing fine I don’t want you to panic just take care
of yourself you are leaving the country tomorrow for your masters,
your international passport have been taking care of and every of your
expenses by my sponsors after you come back there will. be work
waiting for you just enjoy your day while it last. )
after reading the letter I fall flat on the bed and start thinking
about my life how I got into this mess chai at last I will be
travelling out.
After taking care of myself a driver come to pick me up to the Barbers
shop where I have my low cut. I went to shopping also and all my wound
was taken care of.
I get home and have to beautiful lady by my side to take care of the
night for me.

Updated: October 10, 2017 — 8:33 AM


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