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[Story] Journey Through The Wilderness – Episode 10

I was the only one at home washing clothe in our compound others have
went for lecture but that day I don’t just feel like Not long I
started hearing people shouting. I packed up my bucket and went to the
gate to know what’s up.
I saw a guy of like 22 years old with blood all over his body running
toward my direction and people following behind with stick,cutlass,and
tire with them. am about to close the door back before the door was
forcefully push from outside and the guy fall on the group as I get
closer I could see his eye closing I could hear him faintly save me.
about lifting him up the people rush in on time and was about yo lynch
me before the people that recognized me save me the guy was taken
outside to be burn before the police come to whisk him away. that the
last time I saw him not uptill now.
I bowed my head gently in the ground but the kick to my rib make me
cry out loud one of his boys raise me up to face him I could see fire
in them I was headbutted on my lips and nose. I started thinking about
my family if not my mum I won’t be here I would have been doing my
farming jeje o lord why. I could see my friend wife hand motioning me
to come everything on her is white as I get closer I feel another kick
on my face and look up to him all I could here before I pass out is
take him away..

Updated: October 10, 2017 — 8:11 AM


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