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[Story] If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face – The End (Episode 15)



The following day, Ryan left for work very early in the morning leaving Aria behind. She prayed so hard for him not to be sacked from work because she was really hoping that soon, he will be coming to make his intentions known but how can he make his intentions known when he doesn’t have a job she asked herself.
Ryan got to the office on time before the boss who told him he will have his reply that day. He was scared and nervous for he didn’t know what the outcome of the offence he committed may be. He saw his boss entered the office and on sighting him, told him to come with him and he obeyed.
Boss: Close the door behind you Ryan.
Ryan: He did as instructed, stood in front of his boss who kept staring at him from head to toe and bent his head.
Boss: You know what you did was wrong right?
Ryan: Yes sir and I am very sorry.
Boss: He brought out the letter in his breast pocket and handed it over to him. Take it and open it.
Ryan: with his hands trembling, he collected the letter and opened it. He read the content of the letter, raised his head up and said Thank you.
Boss: Don’t thank me, thank my wife else you would have been out of a job by now. You may leave for your suspension starts today.
Ryan: Nodded his head and left the office a little bit relieved. He went straight home to deliver the news to Aria. She was glad that he got 2months suspension without pay and Thanked God for it.
Aria: Please you should also be mindful of how you shoulder you family responsibilities. What if you were sacked, wont life go on? eehh? Won’t life go on? If you don’t have the money, just hide your face. Don’t kill yourself to please others. That should be a big lesson to learn from.
Ryan: I have learnt a big lesson and it won’t happen again. By the way, I want to go home. You know my parents sent me a message yesterday and I haven’t responded.
Aria: hmm. This is what i just said earlier. Just imagine what was coming out from your mouth? I took off because of you and now you want to go home to your people. Nawa ooo. ‘Don’t worry, when we get married I will see how you will be running home to your people’ she lamented.
Ryan: Is that jealousy? He asked smiling and drawing her close to him. You can come if you want to. Besides, it is better they start getting acquainted with you, don’t you think?
Aria: I will come after you have shown your face to my family and now is not the right time to come because you guys are having issues and it needs to be sorted out. It will be best I go back home to my mother.
Ryan: If you insist. I love you so very much Aria. Whatever happens, don’t ever forget that you’re the only woman that I have ever loved.
Aria: I love you too Ryan and they hugged. She noticed that his phone has been ringing nonstop and asked ‘why don’t you want to pick you call?
Ryan: No point. I don’t want to hear anything from them until I get there. I know that whatever they tell me is money related. Don’t want to spoil my mood biko.
Aria: If that is the case, send them a text that you are on your way.
Ryan: I will but that will be when I get in the bus not now.
Aria: Alright.
Mrs. Ejiofor was restless. She felt something was wrong but could not place her hands on what it was. She felt like something has left her but she quickly pushed the thought of her son in danger away. She went to her husband who had just returned from the hospital to see Evelyn.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Papa Addson, it is somehow. I feel something is wrong somewhere. Ryan has never been home late to us before. Especially when he sent a text that he was on his way since in the afternoon, he is supposed to be here by now, I am deeply worried.
Mr. Ejiofor: Be at peace woman, nothing is wrong. My son, the apple of my eye. Nothing is wrong. He will be here soonest.
Mrs. Ejiofor: I hope sooo….i hope he is okay wherever he is.
Mrs. Ejiofor stayed awake all through the night. She prayed to God that wherever her son is, he should be fine. She dialed his number severally but all she got was it was switched off. She tried Cameron’s number, when he picked she asked if he has heard from his brother. Cameron said no and she asked if he has the digit of the woman Ryan wants to get married to. He quickly sent the number to her and she dialed it immediately.
Aria: Hello! Who is on the line please?
Mrs. Ejiofor: Hello my daughter, sorry for calling late this night. I am Ryan’s mother.
Aria: Her heart skipped when she said that. Errmmm Good evening ma.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Good evening my daughter. Have you heard from my son?
Aria: No Ma! I have been trying to call him but his number has been switched off. I thought he is even home by now and his battery is low.
Mrs. Ejiofor: He is not home oooo. Do you think he branched somewhere else?
Aria: Ryan is not like that. He doesn’t branch people’s place especially when he made it clear to me that he is coming home.
Mrs.Ejiofor: I hope nothing has happened to my son ooo. I am so worried.
Aria: Don’t stress yourself ma. He is fine wherever he is and nothing will happen to him in Jesus Name.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Amen ooo. Please do call when you hear from him okay?
Aria: I will and not to worry, nothing will happen to him.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Okay my daughter. Do have a goodnight rest.
Aria: You too and bye. She hung up the call. Jesus Christ, where could Ryan be at this time of the night. It is past 11pm already. I hope he is okay wherever he is. She tried dialing his number again but still same old answer. She couldn’t go back to bed but stayed awake till morning wondering what could have happened to him.
As Mrs. Ejiofor was still thinking about where Ryan could be by 7:15am, her phone rang. She looked at the caller and saw it was Ryan calling.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Yes Ryan, where have you been? I have been sick and worried about you since last night.
Caller: Hello Ma, good morning. Are you Ryan’s relative?
Mrs. Ejiofor: who is this and where is my son?
Caller: I am calling based on that ma. There was an accident in Orumba South involving a petrol tank and a Lexus Jeep. Your son was among the accident victims who was rushed to Ekegwa Hospital yesterday where he passed away.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Hey! Chim mo! She screamed. Isi gini, Ryan Nwam, you must be mistaken. That is not my son.
Caller: then you should come to the hospital immediately to identify the body. He said and hung up.
Mrs. Ejiofor: hey! I am dead. Hey! She screamed. Mr. Ejiofor who was in his room listening to NTA News left what he was doing and rushed to her room, followed by Adam and Dylan for Addison went to the borehole to fetch water.
Mr. Ejiofor: What is it? Why did you scream like that?
Mrs. Ejiofor: Nwam mooo….! My child! Ryan oooo! Hey! I am finished she lay on the ground. Hey ehhhh…. My child ooooo.
Mr. Ejiofor: Talk now. ‘What is it’ he looked at his wife and collected the phone that fell from her hand. He went through her calls and dialed Ryan’s number.
Mr. Ejiofor: Who is this please and why do you have my son’s phone with you. Where is my son?
Caller: He was involved in an accident last night. You should come to the hospital and identify his body.
Mr. Ejiofor: What! No it cannot be my son he said to the caller and dropped the phone. Ah! Ah! Ah! My chest. He held unto his chest with his hands, wriggling and staggering in pain. Mrs. Ejiofor quickly came to his aid and held unto him.
Mrs. Ejiofor: ‘What is it Papa Addison’ she asked afraid of what is happening before her very eyes
Mr. Ejiofor: My Chest, I can’t brea….the….i c….a….nt breat……. He collapsed.
Mrs. Ejiofor: She and Dylan quickly rushed him as he collapsed on the ground…Hey! Papa Addison, don’t do this to me please she screamed with tears in her eyes. People come and help me ooooo… Come and help me oooo she shouted while Adam quickly rushed out to call for help.
Eight months later, Ryan Ejiofor and Mr. Ejiofor were buried on the same day. Aria attended the burial of the man she gave her all to, accompanied with Jaycee her best friend. Friends from far and near attended the burial to pay their last respect to a friend, brother, father and son.
After the burial, one year later, Cameron got a job and switched to part time so that he will be able to take care of his family the little way he can and also continue with his education but he made sure he wasn’t overburdened with responsibilities the way Ryan was. God bless his soul.
Mrs. Ejiofor till this day blamed her dead husband for the death of her first son Ryan. If he hasn’t burdened Ryan with so many responsibilities, her son may probably be well focused and married with a child without continued traveling up and down. She took it upon herself to make sure Adam, Dylan and Addison look up to no one but themselves by enrolling Adam in programming training for him to be well skilled and stand on his own instead of depending on Cameron to cater for them always. She taught Addison the okrika business and also enrolled her in Makeup training class.
Dylan also secured admission, used the small money he had to get a shop near his school where he opened a restaurant for business. While Evelyn went back to her parents’ house.
Aria finally agreed to Jaycee proposal and they got married two years after.


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