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[Story] If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face – Episode 9


Ryan: Papa, what is it that I am hearing? You want to beat up your own wife simply because of Evelyn your second wife? You have never raised your hands on my mother, why do you want to start now? He asked as soon as he got to the house and met his father alone in his room for he was on his way home from work when he got a call from his mother, crying and begging him to come home that his father wants to beat him for telling him the truth. He quickly took the next available bus to the house.
Mr. Ejiofor: have you asked your mother what she did? Have you asked her before putting all the blame on me? He shouted.
Ryan: whatever she may have done, is still not a good reason for you to raise your hands on her. I won’t support that Papa. Mrs. Ejiofor who was in her room crying and Addison consoling her dried her tears, went to where her son is. ‘Mama are you okay’ he asked.
Mrs. Ejiofor: I am not okay Ryan. Papa Addison, why don’t you tell him the reason why we are quarrelling?
Ryan: Papa, why are you people quarrelling again? It is like you people do not know that I am always risking my life coming here almost every weekend. It is either you need money or that there is something urgent and now, you people have added fighting to my coming to see you every time. What if I am living in Port Harcourt or Lagos, how will you people cope?
Mrs. Ejiofor: ‘ask your father’ Isn’t he over there she pointed towards his direction. Is he not the man in this house?
Ryan: Mama, since Papa will not say what brought about the quarrel; can you please fill me in?
Mrs. Ejiofor: it was simply because I was going to serve him his lunch when Evelyn walked up to him happily telling him she is three months Pregnant. She showed him the result of the test she did and said now that she is pregnant she won’t want to be starving herself. I never said anything. I was even happy for her until he requested for his phone. He wanted to give you a call telling you that you will be the one to take care of his wife now that she is with a child.
Ryan: looked at his father and said. Papa is it true? I will look after the child you planted in her womb? ‘Is that the one you want to add to me now’ he asked calmly.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Did you bite your tongue that you cannot speak again Papa Addison?
Mr.Ejiofor: what is wrong with you taking over the responsibility since you know that I do not have money to take care of Evelyn and her unborn child? The child she is carrying is an insider not an outsider and he or she is your blood too. Afterall, i took care of all your responsibilities training you out of University.
Ryan: so you mean, you planted a seed and yet cannot nurture it? Papa, do you really love me because I cannot understand how you of all people, will have a child and put that child through so much.
Mr. Ejiofor: my father and the father before me never had so many children. I am trying to make sure that I give birth to plenty children so that you will have enough brothers and sisters. I do not have anybody, no brother, no sister and you people are here complaining instead of you to appreciate all my effort.
Ryan: Don’t get me wrong Papa, I am not saying you should not produce but if you want to produce, make sure you have enough resources to train them. Who will take care of Evelyn and her Child now?
Mrs. Ejiofor: didn’t you hear what I just said?
Ryan: Mama, I heard you loud and clear. I just want to hear from Papa’s mouth first. Papa, I am waiting oooo. Who will take care of Evelyn and her unborn child now?
Mr. Ejiofor: You all know that I do not have the finance that is why you people are behaving like this. If the money was there, I won’t even look at the both of you twice but since it is not, Ryan, you will have to manage her affairs till things get better.
Ryan: hahahaahahahhahaaha…he laughed so loud that his mother thought something was wrong with him. After he finished laughing, he looked at his father with anger in his eyes, hissed and walked out of the room. He went to his mother’s room and she followed him.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Was for the first time scared of what his son might do to himself or anyone around him. She quickly told Addison who was lying down on the bed to leave the room. She sat down next to Ryan. Are you okay?
Ryan : Mama, you need not worry I am fine. I am just trying to calm my anger before leaving this place. I don’t want to step out of here angry.
Mrs. Ejiofor: take it easy Nwam inugo? Don’t let your father push you to the wall. If it is difficult or if you cannot do it, then leave it. It is not your responsibility do you hear?
Ryan: Yes Mama. Where is Dylan and Adam?
Mrs. Ejiofor: Dylan went for Extra Moral Lessons, Adam should be in the next compound with his friends.
Ryan: what about Evelyn?
Mrs. Ejiofor : hmm.. That one, she is in her room acting like she knows nothing.
Ryan: okay Mama, let me be on my way home meanwhile take this money for house keep. He dipped his hand into his breast pocket and counted ten thousand naira out and handed it to her. I am leaving now mama
Mrs. Ejiofor : Okay my son. Do take care of yourself you hear.
Ryan: Okay Mama. Bye.
As Ryan got to his house, he met his door unlocked and was wondering who could be in his house by this time of the day. He quickly entered his apartment and met Aria who was busy getting prepared to leave the house.
Ryan: Ah ah! Aria, what are you doing here by this time of the night. You should have told me you were coming earlier.
Aria: I called your line severally but couldn’t get through to you. I thought maybe you should be home by now that was why I had to come.
Ryan: Has it been long you came in?
Aria: Yes it has.
Ryan: I didn’t know you were here and I am sorry. I had to rush home to see my parents because they were having issues.
Aria: Hope all is well with them.
Ryan: Yes all is fine. Are you ready to go now? It is getting late, you know Onitsha is not safe for a woman like you by this time of the night.
Aria: Errrmmm. I will go very soon. Since you are here already, just give me 5 minutes of your time let us discuss something important.
Ryan: What is it? Hope no problem?
Aria: When are you finally coming to see my people?
Ryan: Aria, I had a very stressful day today coupled with the fact that I had to go home to trash out some issues. I am too tired to discuss about that at the moment maybe some other time please.
Aria: There won’t be a next time if you do not answer my question Ryan. You told me over a year ago that after one year we will be planning on this issue. It is one year already and still nothing has been said about it.
Ryan: I have some pending issues that I have to trash in my family. You of all people should understand me please.

Question: Any advice for Aria?

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 11:00 AM


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