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[Story] If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face – Episode 13


Doctor: ‘Are you her husband sir’ he asked the frail looking man gallivanting the hall way.
Mr. Ejiofor: Yes i am. How is she and the baby, hope they are okay?
Doctor: she is in a critical condition right now and will need to be admitted immediately. Please go to the cashier and make the necessary payment before any treatment can commence and be fast with it please. You know your wife came in here bleeding seriously and she needs to be attended to.
Mr. Ejiofor: Please doctor, I will make the necessary payment but please make sure that my wife and child are doing okay. I don’t want anything to happen to them please.
Doctor: ‘We will do our best but please make it fast’ he said and walked away leaving Mr. Ejiofor to go and make the payment.
He went to the cashier and was told he needs to deposit a sum of fifty thousand naira. Mr. Ejiofor quickly rushed home and brought the thirty thousand naira that was given to him by Ryan the last time he came home. He gave the money to the cashier and was told to balance up the payment.
Mr. Ejiofor: Haba Cashier, Please now. I will make the payment as soon as possible, but just use this one and commence treatment. Do it for my wife and unborn child please.
Cashier: Oga, I am not the doctor and my hands are tied here. Just make the necessary payment and if you want them to be treated quickly.
Mr.Ejiofor: But that is all I have for now.
Cashier: Isn’t there somebody you can call?
Mr. Ejiofor: I have but he is not picking his call at the moment. Once he calls and hears the condition I am in, I am sure he will respond. The money is not the issue right now, just help my wife please.
Cashier: Oga, I am sorry, this is not a charity organization. Pay the money fast ooo because time is not on your wife and unborn child’s. ‘if you want them to live, you should be out of here by now looking for money to help them’ she said carelessly.
Mr. Ejiofor: Thought of what he could do and how to raise the money. He dialed Ryan’s number again and it said his number was switched off. ‘What do I do now? Where will I get the sum of twenty thousand naira for her treatment’ he asked no one in particular but himself. ‘Let me go and see if Mama Addison will help me out’ he said and walked away.
When he got home, he met his first wife preparing food for Evelyn. She rushed to him to inquire about her.
Mrs. Ejiofor: How is Evelyn and the baby? Hope she is okay. I learnt you came to the house to collect some cash for her payment. Is she alright?
Mr. Ejiofor: ‘she is in a critical condition and the doctor said we should deposit fifty thousand naira before any treatment will commence’ he said frowning
Mrs. Ejiofor : Ehen! Have you given them the money?
Mr. Ejiofor: I do not have that kind of money with me. That is the reason I came back to ask you if you have any money to borrow me.
Mrs. Ejiofor: The twenty thousand I had with me was what I used in paying Addison school fees yesterday. But wait ooo, I thought you came home to collect some money, what about the money you came to collect.
Mr. Ejiofor: It is not enough.
Mrs. Ejiofor: But I thought Ryan gave you eight thousand naira the other day. What about the money?
Mr. Ejiofor: I gave Evelyn Thirty thousand naira out of it which she used for her personal purpose already and I am only left with fifty which isn’t enough.
Mrs. Ejiofor: hmm…. See what you and this your wifey have caused? What do we do now because without the money, Evelyn will not be attended to. Have you called Ryan, he is our only hope right now because this is a case of life and death.
Mr. Ejiofor: I have and his number is not reachable. I really do not know what to do. I don’t want anything to happen to my wife and child.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Nothing will happen to them. Do not worry; I am sure he is very busy that is why he switched off. Let me call Adam to come and send a message to him using my phone stating that it is an emergency. Don’t worry my husband, it is well.
Ryan was in his office contemplating whether to give the financial book to his boss or think of a better way to avoid him finding out the truth. He knew that if he should present the book to him and is discovered, he could lose his job and if he doesn’t present the book, he could also be queried. He decided to present the book and prays that he never find out. If he is found out, he will look for a way to cover his mess up.
Ryan: Oga, here is the book you requested for sir.
Boss: Good. Please sit down while I go through it immediately.
Ryan sat down jittering, waiting for his boss to say something. After few minutes which seem like a life time to him, his boss finally looked up from the book he has been so engrossed with.
Boss: What is happening here Ryan, he showed him the book, pointed to where the account is not balancing. Can you explain this to me?
Ryan: Errmm..Errmmm..sir, it is just that Errrmmm..Errmmmm
Boss: Are you going to keep up with the Errmmm..Errmmm or will you get hold of yourself and explain to me why the account is not balancing.
Ryan: Oga, I will go through it again and resolve the matter immediately.
Boss: What nonsense are you talking about? You will resolve what immediately? I need an explanation right now. What happened to the one hundred and twenty thousand naira? You know this is business and my money cannot just go missing like that without a tangible explanation. I don’t have all day Mr. Man.
Ryan: Sir, actually Errmmm what really happened was that the money didn’t go missing or anything. I actually took it hoping that I will pay back before the month end.
Boss: What? Let me get this straight please. You mean you actually took out of the business money for your own personal gain?
Ryan: ‘Yes sir’ with head bowed.
Boss: Why? Am I not paying you enough? Remember that it was because of my wife that you are here and yet you squander my money?
Ryan: No sir! Please sir, I didn’t squander the money. I only took out of it to solve some family issues with the hope that I will pay back.
Boss: Without anyone knowing? Without my consent? Don’t you know that is stealing?
Ryan: I am sorry sir; you can deduct it from my salary please. Forgive me. I promise that I will not do it again.
Boss: I thought you are different and unique. I was even telling others how good you are but it seems I am wrong about you. Listen Ryan, you have till evening to get the money and replace it otherwise, you will have yourself to blame.
Ryan: But Oga, he went on his knees ‘please pardon me this once. I promise I will pay back but not now or today. Please give me some time’.
Boss: Get out. ‘I said get out’ he screamed.

Question: Who has N120k to lend Ryan oo before he looses his precious job? How will Ryan reacts if he gets to know his father needs financial assistance right quick? Are you learning from this interesting story?

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 11:07 AM


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