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[Story] If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face – Episode 12


Aria: I know you have feelings for me and I know it is difficult to accept the fact that I will soon be getting married but please for the sake of our friendship, don’t just walk away from my life. Please I beg you Jayce.
Jayce : I have to go and I am sorry because there is nothing I can do about it at the moment. I just hope and pray that my transfer will be granted as soon as possible.
Aria: Jayce please do not do this. I am not sure I will want it to happen this way for the both of us.
Jayce: it hurts so much to see the one person you love, loving another man. I see you here every day, each time you smile, I know it is because of Ryan and each time you are sad, it is also because of Ryan. I think it is time I leave so that you can have the kind of life you have always wished and dreamt of. You will do fine without me since Ryan is about to be on board full time.
Aria: Ryan please, do not do this. We can still be friends even if I get married to Ryan.
Jayce: You see what i mean? You are even referring me as Ryan. Hmmm… the love is THICK!
Aria: I’m sorry! I mean Jayce.. not Ryan
Jayce: Anyway, I cannot remain here while you get married to Ryan. It is time I leave you in peace.
Ryan got very early to work one morning; he went straight to the warehouse when he was told his boss is around and counting the stock.
Ryan: Good morning sir.
Boss: Ehen! Ryan, good morning. ‘Come to my office later, I will like to see you’ he said as he backed him, counting the stock in the warehouse.
Ryan: Yes sir but I sent you emails of the available stock and everything you need to know already.
Boss: I know Ryan. Just doing a routine check if what you sent tally with what is here.
Ryan: Okay sir. He said scratching his head. He quickly left his boss to check his financial records for the week and previous week because he has been collecting some money from it without really putting it back hoping that as soon as he cleared up his family issue and mess, he will do so immediately. He left his office to meet his colleague omaze for advice.
Omaze : Ryan, I hear say boss dey around ooo. Hope say no wahala this one wey you dey here by this time, you no suppose dey your office?
Ryan: Wahala dey ooo Omaze and I no know wetin I go do right now. My job dey at stake here sef.
Omaze : Wetin you do? He asked suspiciously.
Ryan: I take your advice na. I do wetin you talk say make I do.
Omaze: Wetin be that?
Ryan: No be you talk say make I take some money since na me dey in charge and then when month end make I put the money back.
Omaze: No be three months ago I tell you the thing? i also made it clear that you should replace it. How that one come take affect me? Besides, it is three months ago and you should have replaced it by now.
Ryan: it is true but I have been taking money and replacing the money month end but it is not month end and oga is here. The money I am owing is one hundred and twenty Thousand naira..
Omaze: What, how could you do a thing like that? He thought for a few minutes and said, I just hope oga don’t ask for it today ooo else you are done for.
Ryan: Is there no way you can help me out of it?
Omaze : shoooo! How I wan take help you out by this time when oga dey around? The only thing I will tell you right now is that if you have anyone that will give you that money to replace before he asks for it, you better do oooo. Oga will definitely check everything since he is here because that is what he always does.
Ryan: There is no one I can collect such money from now. This is just so sudden for me. I am finished. I just hope he doesn’t check the accounting book today ooo.
Omaze: My hand no dey ooo. I don tell you finish.
Ryan: was in his office taking care of the daily business when he got a call that his boss was looking for him. ‘Yes boss, you called’.
Boss: I told you to report to my office later in the day, why have you not been here?
Ryan: I forgot sir, I am sorry.
Boss: That’s okay. I have gone through all the stock and everything is in order. I want to thank you for a job well done, you have been a blessing to us and our sales have increased to maximum. We really appreciate the work you are doing here. Thank you.
Ryan: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I appreciate.
Boss: It is alright, you may go now. As he turned around to go, his boss said ‘Ehen! Before I forget, I need to go through all the financial records, bring it to me immediately.
Ryan: Errmm… okay, I will bring it to you right away sir he said and walked away.

Questions: Hmmm… Gbese ree ooo! How will Ryan cover that up?

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