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[Story] If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face – Episode 11


Jayce sighted Ryan from afar when he alighted from the Taxi he boarded coming straight to the office where Aria works, he quickly went to inform her of his arrival.
Jayce: Aria, Ryan is coming here.
Aria: ‘Where is he’ she asked as she stood up quickly from her seat.
Jayce: He just alighted from a taxi. He should be here any moment from now.
Aria: smiled for she was happy that he came looking for her. She thought he will not put up a fight to save their relationship. ‘Errmm Jayce, can you cover up for me, let me go and meet him up outside. Incase my madame ask of my where about, just tell her I went to get something to eat please’ she begged.
Jayce : ‘I am jealous ooo’ he said sincerely. You can go and I will cover up for you but don’t stay long ooo. She nodded, opened her handbag, brought out her mary kay foundation and applied on her face. E don do eh! You look beautiful. Now go before I change my mind about covering up for you quickly.
Aria: Thanks Jayce. I won’t stay long I promise. She returned back her makeup kits and left.
Jayce : hmm. I hear! ‘I wish I am Ryan, I wish I am the one you love so much Aria. But if you are really happy with Ryan then I am also happy for you’ he said to himself.
Ryan was about entering Aria’s office when she stopped him on the way.
Aria: ‘What are you doing here’ she asked feigning anger.
Ryan: Good day to you too sweetheart. ‘Since you refused to pick my calls, I decided to come find my queen’ he said smiling.
Aria: You cannot stay here. Let’s go somewhere else and talk please. She said and led the way to a fast-food close to where she works. After he ordered Malta and meat pie for her, she asked what brought you here?
Ryan: Aria, I am sorry and don’t be hard on me please.
Aria: I did not follow you here so you can apologize to me. I just want to know if you are interested in taking our relationship to the next level.
Ryan: I have thought about it very well and I have decided that in the next three months, I will be coming to see your parents. Is that okay with you?
Aria: Are you serious Ryan or is this one of your jokes? If na play stop am ooo….she said smiling.
Ryan: I didn’t come all the way from Onitsha to Asaba to joke around. I mean every word I say.
Aria: Wanted to scream and run round the place but she remembered she is in a fast-food and composed herself. She looked at him in the eyes, stretched forth her hands to his and said now you are finally talking. I am sorry about the other day. Am sure that if I had not done what I did, you would not have taken the bold step.
Ryan : Hope you are very happy now.
Aria: I am very very happy Ryan. Have you told your people about getting married?
Ryan: When next I get home, that will be the first news I will deliver to them.
Aria: Good. Thanks a lot for everything.
Ryan: You are welcome Aria.
When Aria got home after delivering the good news to Jayce, she informed her mother of what transpired between her and Ryan whom she disclosed as the man she is dating.
Mrs. Ekueme: Ehen! Now you are talking. When did he say he is coming to make his intentions known again?
Aria: in the next three months Mommy.
Mrs. Ekueme: Good. Your father should be home by then. I will give him the good news when he comes home but before then, be a good girl and show him that you are the best woman he could ever have as a wife. Anything that will Make you people quarrel or argue unnecessarily please avoid it before he changes his mind.
Aria: Mommy we are good and we love each other. Nothing will come in our way, don’t worry yourself.
Mrs. Ekueme: No Problem and please make sure you pray hard about it oooo.
Aria: Yes Mommy.
Ryan: Mama! Papa! He said looking at them. I called you both here because there is something I would like to discuss with you.
Mrs. Ejiofor: What is it Ryan my son. Hope no problem this one that you came to see us and called both of us to come here to your father’s room for a private talk.
Ryan: The reason I called you both alone to the room is because I want to make it known to the both of you first that I want to get married and I have found the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.
Mrs. Ejiofor: Ehen! Now you are talking. You finally want to settle down? Ryan nodded ‘I am so happy for you’.
Mr.Ejiofor: Where is the young lady from?
Ryan: She is from Asaba Papa.
Mr. Ejiofor: I am happy that you want to start your own family. Just tell me when you are ready so we start the normal process of marriage okay. Trust your papa now, I will be there to paint the town RED. ok?
Ryan: Yes Papa. I will be going to see her people in the next three or four months, after that, we will take the next step.
Mr. Ejiofor: which means you still have time. Arrangements will commence when that has been done. I am happy for you son.
Ryan: Thank you Papa.
When Aria told Jayce the good news, he was very happy for her and has kept his distance away from her. He secretly applied for a transfer to enable him be in another location.
Aria got to work, met her colleagues talking and gisting about Jayce and joined in the conversation. It was then she discovered Jayce applied for a transfer. She quickly went to his office to inquire if what she heard from them were true.
Aria: ‘it is because of me that you are doing it abi’ she asked as she entered his office.
Jayce: Good Morning to you too Aria. What am I doing?
Aria: She sat opposite him in his office and said ‘are you applying for a transfer because of me?’
Jayce: Who told you about it? I thought I was good at keeping this a secret, how did you know?
Aria: Why didn’t you tell me this before? Why have you been trying to avoid me all this while?
Jayce: I am not avoiding you. I just want to leave this place as soon as possible. I seem to be suffocating here.

Question: What’s happening between Aria & Jayce? I hope those following me and commenting on my Instagram page are enjoying this story secretly on DM? LOL .. Stay tuned!

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