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[Story] If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face – Episode 10


Aria: For how long will I keep playing the role of a good girlfriend yet no ring or any sign that you want to settle down? Do you think the family problems you are facing will ever stop? Every day, challenges keep coming up and if you cannot face it, you let it be. With time it will clear up on its own. You are not the only first son in this world oooo.
Ryan: Aria, I am not ready for this your noise abeg. When next you come, we will talk about it.
Aria: There won’t be a next time if we don’t talk about it now and today. If I walk out the door Ryan, that will be the end of us. I mean, haven’t I tried enough as a girlfriend? How long do you want me to keep waiting or do you also want to tell me to give you more time again?
Ryan: I do not know what you want me to say again. It is obvious you are not ready to listen to me one bit. Told you I just had a stressful day and went to resolve some issues at home, instead of you to ask me what the problem is again you are here adding yours to it.
Aria: I am not asking anything Ryan, because I already know that your people want some money from you. Isn’t that the reason you are always going home?
Ryan: ‘I am too tired for all this nonsense you are about to vomit from your mouth’ he laid on the bed exhausted.
Aria: When are you coming to make your intentions known in my house?
Ryan: looking at her and knew she was adamant on getting a response from her said ‘When I am ready I will come but not now’.
Aria: Definitely this year abi?
Ryan: I don’t think it will be this year again. Let’s see how next year goes.
Aria: ‘Is this a game to you Ryan’ she shouted. Is this how you will keep procrastinating what you should do now?
Ryan: Aria, I just told you the truth na. I can’t do it this year, as a matter of fact; my step mother is …..
Aria: ‘Will you stop with all your stories’ she interrupted. If you as a man cannot set your priorities right then it is over between us. She picked up her handbag and banged the door behind her.
The following day, when Aria got to her place of work, she was looking moody and unease.
Jayce: ‘Aria, what is the problem with you today’ he asked after she has finished taking stock of all the drinks that arrived that day.
Aria: Jayce please leave me alone, I am not in the mood this afternoon abeg.
Jayce: It is me your friend you are talking to like this abi? No wahala. ‘When you’re ready to talk, I will be in my office waiting to listen’ he said and walked away.
Ryan who was also at his place of work has tried reaching Aria so many times but her number has been switched off since she left his apartment the previous day. He was lost. He didn’t know what to do and how to handle the situation. He didn’t want to lose the only good thing he had in his life which is Aria. He knew he should have run after her last night but he was tired and exhausted. He didn’t want to create a scene outside his apartment that was why he allowed her leave. He thought about Evelyn and his father who has been giving him several missed calls without him picking or replying their messages. He thought about what Aria has said and he knew she was right. He can’t keep her waiting and he also can’t let her go but now is not the right time to talk about settling down when there is still a lot to do in his family. He was lost in thought when his colleague Omaze called his attention.
Omaze: Mr. Ryan, how about the account you were balancing last week, was it okay?
Ryan: Yes it was. Thank God ooo. It was Chika that was with the five hundred thousand naira.
Omaze: Thank God. If not, we for don enter trouble had it been that money was not accounted for.
Ryan: Yes ooo. I thank God because I do not even have one naira with me as I speak with you now. By the way, you fit borrow me like fifty thousand naira?
Omaze: Mr. Ryan, what do you do with all this money you keep borrowing from me? It is not like you are a married man for me to say okay, you have responsibilities.
Ryan: Omaze you no go understand,I no be married man but I still get family wey I dey cater for.
Omaze: But no be like this wey you dey go nah. The last time wey I borrow you money wetin you take am do?
Ryan: Na family issues na.
Omaze: And you want to borrow another again for the same family issues? What about your salary, how do you manage it sef? You wey dey earn double of wetin I dey earn.
Ryan: You no go understand my brother. Just give me the money if you can and I will pay month end.
Omaze: I do not have any money to spare at the moment. But wait ooo. You be the accountant here na. no be you dey balance account every week?
Ryan: No nah Omaze. That is stealing. How can you even suggest that I take money out of company’s money? Nooo. It won’t work, I do not want to lose my job. It is one of the best things that have happened to me.
Omaze: I thought you needed the money? Sorry ooo, Mr. Saint. Who even said you should steal it? All I meant to say was, you take the money and when month end you replace it back without anybody knowing. Is it not you that balance it every week and Oga comes and check your book monthly? Since you said you will pay month end why don’t you collect the money and replace it month end?
Ryan: He thought for a few minutes, placing his right hand on his chin. Guy, na true you talk ooo but hope say Oga no go come check our records before month end ooo. I no wan enter wahala.
Omaze: You dey talk like say you no sabi oga again. Anyway, that na my suggestion. It is left to you if you will heed to it or not. The ball is in your court. Make I go my office go relax before customer go start to dey find me jare. We go see later. He shook hands with him and left his office.
Ryan: said to himself ‘Why I no think of this before sef? ‘Thank God say this guy suggest this method to me ooo. Before month end, I go replace the money. Make I collect the money go settle my family matter and after that, I go come go see Aria tomorrow after work’ he said smiling. But how much I go collect wey go settle them sef? Fifty thousand naira fit no do me take give them for house especially when Evelyn get belle!

Question: Do you think it’s risky for Ryan to borrow the N50k from Company’s Account?

Updated: February 17, 2018 — 11:01 AM


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