[Story] I Am Engaged – Episode 8 and Episode 9

(The Price of Vengeance) (Episode 8)
by Chidera Obiora

I pulled off my heels and walked barefooted towards the General. The sweat in his hairy belly irritated me. It looked like a pig who had smeared its body with black mud. It dripped like catarrh from the nose of a grown up man.
General Abdullahi closed his eyes and opened his hands wide, like a child who runs to embrace his mother. As I approached him, I shut my eyes tight and placed my head above his shoulders. I could not embrace him.
The pot belly of the general, was like a barrier stopping my breast from touching his chest. General Abdullahi did not hesitate to wrap his fat hands around my back. He pulled me closer to him and ensured that my breast touched and pressed upon his chest.
“Kai kai kai… wai…wai!” The General exclaimed.
“What is it general?” I asked rather confusingly, pulling out of his tight embrace.
“Kemi. Kemi. Since I know a women. Sorry a woman. I have not hug something soft like this one. Gaskiya you look like breadi. Fresh baked breadi.”
“General do you mean bread?”
“Yes Kemi. Bread. You are soft like breadi. Wooooo! Kai. Come and sit down. Sit down for here.”
General Abdullahi held my right hands tight and dragged me to his bed. Before now, I had already known that one way or the other, I was going to end up on the bed of the General. What else did I expect when I agreed to meet him in his private lounge? I knew his plans from the beginning. But I was only ready to give in to him, so I could have my revenge on the three people who had broken my heart and caused me bitter pains.
I stared at my heels which I had placed beside the cushion, and also my purse and phone which was on the cushion. I tried to convince myself that there was another way out of this. But then my phone rang again, and the name Alex brought back the hurtful memories.
Why was he calling me again? What else did he have to tell me? A man who could take advantage of a ladies drunk state, to sleep with her without her consent deserved to die. Alex must have had unprotected sex with me.
I remembered the semen I had seen on my body that morning. I remembered how naked I was, and how I was covered with a blanket and made to feel like a slut. I remembered all those and became hurt and angry again. The more I thought about it, the more my crave for vengeance increased.
General Abdullahi kept touching my hands and robbing it softly. He kept smiling sheepishly and sweating like one who had finished boxing. I picked the blanket on the bed and wiped the sweat from his face.
“Thank you Kemi. You are so nice gaskiya. So so nice.”
“General why are sweating? Where you working out?” I asked.
“Working where? La illah. Does this kind of belly look like one that undergoes any working out? Kemi why won’t I sweat when I was thinking of you from the moment you said you want to meet me in secrete?
“You have just been running through my mind like a Kaza. Kaza is chicken Kemi. You know how the cock follows the chicken and the chicken runs and runs? That is how you were running. I was the cock, you are the chicken.” He laughed.
I laughed at the way the General spoke. He seemed to have a very good sense of humour. Sometimes his Hausa intonation made me laugh. Especially when he pronounced ‘Come’ as ‘Cam’ and replaced the letter ‘R’ for ‘L’.
“Kemi your laugh; your laugh is beautiful. Do you know I do not know what I am even doing with your friend Temi? You are a wife materialistic. I feel like swallowing you now. I want to… I want to.. I want to kiss you.”
He pushed his head closer to my face, and pouted his lips towards mine. I pulled backwards but General Abdullahi followed me with his pouted lips relentlessly.
“General wait. Wait.” I pressed firmly on his chest.
“Kemi what? What is it. Let us do this thing nau. My body is hot. I am on fire. Do you want an old man like me to die of conji? I want to chop you. Kai.” He landed his hand on his bald head.
“General. I will give it to you just the way you want it. But first I need something from you. I need your help. That was why I asked to see you.”
“Kemi money is not the problem. I will transfer one million to you to solve any problem you have. Allow me to eat your bush meat Kemi. Allow me.” General Abdullahi pushed towards me again.
“No its not about money. Its something different.” I pushed his face.
He stopped and pulled back. General Abdullahi heaved a sigh and kept staring at me piercingly.
“Any problem that one million naira cannot solve, that problem needs a miracle.”
“Kemi what is bothering you?”
“I was defiled by a guy today. He worth more than one million naira. He is connected too. He once told me that his father is very wealthy.
“Alhaji I do not want to do this, but I will do it if only it will get me the revenge I really want. I am ready to sleep with you if you promise to help me out. Please General. Help me out.”
“Defiled? Who defiled you? How did you defile? What do you mean by defile?”
“A man had sex with me without my consent General. He raped me.’
“Rape you? Who is the man to you? How is the man?”
“He is my boyfriend – my fiancee. He had sex with me while I laid on his bed drunk and unconscious last night. He took advantage of me.”
I broke into tears while I spoke. I was broken and hurt by the next words I was about to say. I struggled with my words. I struggled to let it out.
“Calm down Kemi. Calm down.” General Abdullahi patted me on my back and drew me close.
“After I realised what had happened to me this morning, I drove to my best friends house to seek comfort, only to realise that she has been sleeping with my ex boyfriend too. I saw him coming out of her house.”
“Who? Which best friend. You mean Temi? My own Temi?”
“Yes. Your Temi. She has been seeing another man behind your back. She has been dating another man and sleeping with him. That man is my ex boyfriend. The same man that hurt me two years back, and broke my heart into tiny pieces.
General Abdullahi drew me closer to him. I rested my head on his chest as he tried to comfort me. I felt like I was being cuddled by my own father.
“Kemi, even though Temi is just a concubine to me, I will still deal with her in my own way. But I will ensure that those two bastard, especially that Idiot that has been sleeping with my own Temi is seriously dealt with. He will regret ever knowing General Abdullahi Abubakar. He will regret it gaskiya.
“And to think that bastard is eating what a general is eating. Does he even know how much I have spent to keep what he is eating clean? I will deal with him.” He spoke angrily.
“Thank you General. Thank you.” I embraced him tightly and heaved a sigh of relieve.
General Abdullahi lifted my head up and licked his lips like a dog. In his eyes I saw lust. He looked down and took a quick look at my breast and then my face. I bent my head and caught sight of his erected penis, which pushed his towel up.
Without saying a word, he lifted my head up with his hands and kissed my lips. He pushed me to the bed and I fell with my back. I felt his arms wrap around my neck firmly as he got on top of me. With his left hands, he loosened the towel, and flung it to the floor.
I hated gowns from the very start. It was the reason I never wore a gown to a guys house during my school days. I preferred to wear tight jean trousers that was not easy to pull down. It had saved me several time when I found myself in situations such as this.
He pulled my gown up effortlessly, and pulled down my pants even when I tried to fight his hands off.
“Kemi you are beautiful. Let me off the light. I want to enjoy your body and give you the best.” He cooed.
General Abdullahi stood up and walked hurriedly towards the switch. He turned the bright light off and the room became dark. All I could see was the faint light from the sockets and a power bank.
“General, I am not doing this because I want to. I am not doing this because I love you. I am doing this as a price to get revenge for a heart that have been hurt. Make love to me if you must, but promise me, promise me you will help bring pains to those three who have hurt me. Promise me that you shall bring me vengeance. Promise me General. Please promise me.” I spoke with tears rolling down my eyes.
“Kemi I promise you, they will pay the price for ever hurting you.”

(The Price of Vengeance) (Episode 9)

General Abdullahi was panting like a horse as he struggled with my laps. Just like a Tailors scissors, General Abdullahi parted my legs. With my left hands, I felt his manhood and heaved.
“Kemi don’t mind the size. I want you to mind the engine. The engine is what matters in this critical situation. This body is not old pa. Look, it is this size that has brought me over twelve children from all my wives and concubines. If we do anyhow now, you can be the next one to be za mother of my children.”
“No no no. General. Please use a condom. Please.” I blurted fearfully.
“Mai ne kwandom? Eh? What is kwandom? No dan allah. It is against my tradition and custom and religion to use Kwandom.
“I cannot come and kill my ka_na_na yara – Small small children that are in my manhood because of Kwandom mana. Allah will be angry with me. Allah does not like waste. How will I waste children just like that?
“Look Kemi let us do it flesh to flesh. Akwai dadi wanlai. It is very sweet. Very very sweet like a sugar.”
“Bb..bu… But General. You could get me pregnant.” I protested.
“No you will not get pregnant. You will take contraceptive. I have them plenty in my drawers. But I cannot watch my kanana yara – my small small children go in vain. What should be enjoyed, should be fully enjoyed.”
When I touch General Abdullahi’s penis, it felt like a screw driver. It was very slim and short. It wasn’t up to the size of my index fingers. I have heard stories of men having penis the size of a Biro and rope, but I never thought that I would meet anyone with such size.
I extended the wideness of my legs so as to accommodate General Abdullahi’s pot belly and fat size. General Abdullahi slided his manhood into me. I felt a tickling feeling as he drew out to go in again.
“Kemi today I will show you what a general like me can do. I don’t waste time. It will be fast and sweet. Fast and sweet. Fast and sweet. Fast and sweeeet.” He groaned and finally collapsed on my body.
“La illah. Kai kai… wai… Kemi, very fast and sweet ko?” He whispered.
He stood up and to switch the light bulbs on. I quickly drew the blankets to cover my naked body before the light bulbs came on. It was at that moment I saw the deflated size of the Generals penis. It was like that of a new born baby. It was tiny; even more tinier than my little finger.
Who would think that such a fat man would have such a tiny manhood? How did he manage to satisfy his five wives? How did he even manage to have children? I asked myself as I stared piercingly at it.
“Kemi, rich men with money do not waste time having sex. It is only za poor men that will do this and do that to impress a lady. Send me your account number let me transfer one million naira to your account dan allah. Then give me za address of that bastard let me send my boys to pick him up. He will suffer for his crime.” He licked his fingers to swipe the screen of his phone.
“He stays at number 7 mudaki street.” I pulled the blankets closer to my jaws.
“Kai. He even stays in my son area. My son owns a mansion there.” He pulled the phone closer to his eyes, like one trying to solve a puzzle.
“Wawa kawai. Mad people everywhere. He is finished. I will teach him a lesson he will not forget. What about zat other idiot? Zat one sleeping with my Temi.”
“Yowaa zayo ko Ayo I don’t care. I will teach zat one a lesson too. He is finished wanlahi. I will cut off that bell in between his legs, and feed them to my dogs. I will so finish him. Wawa mutum. Stupid man. Sha sha sha kawai.’ General Abdullahi cursed while operating his phone.
“You see, Kemi when you told me this news before, I was not angry as I am now. I was carried away by your Sexy locomotious beauty. But now, wanlahi talahi I am angry. I swear to God. It is now the anger is coming.”
I wrote my account number on a paper and placed it on the stool in front of
the General. I stood up from the bed and walked to the bathroom to wash myself, leaving the general as he continued mumbling words to himself.
While I washed off. I felt a sense of regret in me. I felt I had gone too far to seek revenge for the wrong things those three idiots had done to me. I wouldn’t had gone this far, if not for Temi who had betrayed my trust and our friendship by sleeping with a man I loved. I would have just driven to her house and cried in her arms if only I had not seen Dayo drive into her apartment. If only he had not kissed her and hugged her before leaving, I would have still gone in to ask why he had come over.
I walked out of the bathroom and picked up my gown to wear.
“Kemi I have transfer za money. My boys will be on their way to za area soon Ko. When they get to za area I will call you so you lead them. Now let me handle Temi my own way, and that boy too.”
I picked my purse and phone and walked out of the Generals Lounge filling fulfilled. With the General in my control now, I could determine the punishment Alex faced. Temi had already lost the General’s love and affection, and Dayo was going to be dealt with.
Just like My mother will always advice, I had used one stone to kill three birds.
While I approached the gate of my house that evening, I saw Alex car parked in a distance. Alex had parked his car opposite the gate of my house. I quickly picked my phone and dialed General Abdullahi’s number. I cleared my throat as the phone rang. I was going to sound worried to get the General’s full attention.
“Hello General.” I echoed.
“Hello Kemi mai ne kuma? What is it? You sound worried.”
“He is in my house now.”
“Who? Zayo ko Ayo.” He asked.
“No Alex. It is Alex.”
“The one that rape you?”
“Yes. The one that raped me.” I replied.
“Toh calm down. I am coming with my boys. I am coming. Dan iska kawai. I am coming. Just stay there.”
I drove to the gate and came down angrily to open the gates. Alex also alighted from his car and followed me in a hurry. He held my hands and got on his knees like a student punished by his teacher.
“Kemi please. Please give me a listening ear.” He pleaded.
“Kemi, When I met you I came to heal your heart and not destroy it. I came to mend your wounds and not deepen it. I made promises and I have kept my promises. I never broke any.
“Kemi, I promised not to have sex with you and I kept my promise. I kept it. I never had sex with you.”
“You did. You bastard you did. You took me to your house only to have sex with me. Alex you are wicked. You are such a liar. How do you explain the semen on my body? Why was I naked Alex? Why?”
“Kemi stop it. You pulled off your gown by your self. You said you were hot and the gown was too tight. You asked me to help you remove it. It was during that process that your wig fell off. I hung your gown on the wardrobe, and your wig on the sculpture.
“What about my pant and bra. Did I also remove that too? Did I?” I asked in a high pitched tone.
Alex bowed his head to the floor. He became suddenly speechless.
“You can’t even look at me. You lying rapist.” I turned to open my gates.
“I am not a rapist. Kemi I was stupid. I pulled off your bra and pant myself. I was stupid. I was tempted to make love to you. I couldn’t control my urge. The promise I made to you was what stopped me. Kemi I thought of your feelings and how it will hurt you.”
“Then how did your semen get on my body? How? Does your semen now have wings? Why can’t you just tell me the truth. Why?” I thundered almost in tears.
“I masturbated Kemi. I stroked myself with my hands. I didn’t realise the semen had spilled on you too. All I did was to look at your body and stroke myself. I am sorry Kemi. I am sorry. I tried to apologise. I tried to explain. But you never gave me a chance to. You were so angry with me.
“Kemi, I love you. I have never loved anyone like you before. I loved you from the very moment I set my eyes on you. I am a guy, a guy with flesh and blood running through his veins, but I am
not like the rest. I am different. And when I told you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, I meant it.”
Alex dipped his hands in his right pocket and brought out a small red box. He flipped the cover open and my eyes beheld a diamond ring. It was so beautiful. It sparkled as he stretched it in front of him.
“Kemi I may not be the perfect man you have always dreamed off. I may not have won your trust yet. But I do not want this friendship we share to end. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to spend the rest of my days proving the love I have for you. Kemi please marry me. Marry me and make me a happy man. Marry me so I can make you a happy woman. Give me a chance to make the rest of your days, the best of your days.”

To be continued….

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