[Story] I Am Engaged – Episode 6 and Episode 7

(Betrayed hearts) (Episode 6)
by praises obiora

“She told me her name was Samantha or so. I didn’t care to know if it was even true or not. You know how ladies are na.” Alex frowned.
Alex was still trying to explain further, when the bar man approached us with a menu in his hands. Alex quickly placed his oder for a chilled bottle of small stout and a plate of cat fish for the both of us.
I didn’t want to spoil the euphoria of the moment that we were both trying to enjoy. And so, I tried really hard to fight my angry feelings off. This was my first time going on an outing with Alex. His past life didn’t really matter. I felt so foolish asking. I wonder what prompted me to ask such questions.
In a bid to calm my emotions, I drank several bottles of alcoholic wine. I felt my head suddenly spin. I could barely even open my eyes or even stand straight. I was drunk to stupor.
“Take me home Alex. I want to go home.” I muttered in his ears.
Alex helped me up from the chair, and held me firmly around my waist as we both staggered out of the club.
Alex drove the car that night, while I slowly dozed off. I only remembered lying down on a bed. I could not remember anything else until this morning, when I got up to find myself naked on his bed, and in his own house
I clenched tighter to the steering wheels, wondering why Alex didn’t take me home? Why did he have to drive me to his own house? Alex should have told me that he had another motive hidden somewhere in his heart. And that was a Plan to sleep with me, and have me all through the night to himself.
I pulled my handkerchief from my black bag and wiped the warm tears that cascaded down my eyes in tiny rivulets.
I stared at Temi’s gate for hours. I was patiently waiting to see when Dayo would drive out of the house.
If this was what I thought it was, then Temi was going to pay for it. If she was the reason Dayo broke up with me, then I was going to do everything possible to make sure the rest of her life turned sour and bitter. If she was dating and sleeping with Dayo behind my back, I was going to pinch her where it really hurts.
Hours later, Temi’s gate pulled open. I could see Temi standing with a short flowery wrapper which stopped above her fair laps. She was struggling to cover her breast with the edges of the wrapper which was loosely tied.
Dayo’s car drove out of the gate and parked right in front of her. He stepped down from the car and walked towards her. Dayo planted a tight hug on her chest and kissed her passionately on her lips, before turning to walk back into his car.
I watched as Temi smiled sheepishly. She waved him like a clown as he drove off, before walking back through the gates.
I was hurt. This time, I was angry. I was angry at a friend I trusted so much. A friend on whose shoulders I had always cried and sought comfort. A friend I could sacrifice anything for. But this friend had now turned to hurt me, by sleeping with my ex behind my back.
Yes it has been two years since I broke up with Dayo. But he was still my ex. Temi knew how much I still loved him. How could she stoop so low to dating and sleeping with a man I had loved so much. I could not believe she had been hiding it from me all this while.
Temi was pretending to nurse my broken heart, and wipe the tears from my eyes, while in reality she was behind the tears I cried. No wonder Dayo broke up with me for no reason. I guess he could not stand dating two friends.
At that moment, it dawned on me that all this while, Temi had always been jealous of me. She had always been envious of my relationship with Dayo. On several occasions, she wished she was me. I felt so disappointed in her.
My heart sought revenge. I wanted to make Temi feel the pains I felt. I felt like walking right through the gates and landing a thunderous slap to her face. But then, confronting Temi was useless. It was only going to end up in an argument and a futile fight with her. I had known Temi to well, to know that she was not a person to be sorry when she does anything wrong.
I bit my lips with my teeth, and hit the steering wheels angrily. Temi had stolen the one man I loved and deserved to feel same. I needed revenge for all three of them, Dayo, Temi and Alex. I wanted to bring them pains without killing any of them. I wanted them to cry a bitter cry.
At that point, I immediately thought about to General Abdullahi; Temi’s sugar daddy. I remembered how he had always lusted after my body. As a man in charge of the army, he was in a better position to give me the revenge I craved for.
I was going to use him to teach Dayo, Alex and Temi a lesson. I will make them regret ever crossing parts with a woman like me. They will pay for their actions and for all the pains they had caused me.
I picked my hand bag and pulled out my phone. Quickly, I dialled General Abdullahi’s number.
“My baby, My baby” General Abdullahi’s voice echoed coarsely through the phone.
“Hello General.” I spoke sweetly, with my neck slightly tilted to the side.
“Kai Kemi. Wanlahi your voice is very sweet pa. Very very sweet.”
“Thank you General. Emmm General can I see you later today?” I asked in a rather urgent tone.
“Today? E get any floblem? Is their whala?” He asked worriedly.
“No General. I just wish to see you, I want to discuss something with you, but I need somewhere secrete to talk with you.”
General Abdullahi laughed and cleared his throat. I imagined him robbing his pot belly just the way he usually did when he laughed.
“Toh secrete ko? Will you come to my hotel so we talk it? I think that place is very secrete. We can talk any secrete better there.”
“No problem Alhaji. What time shall I meet with you there?” I asked.
“Meet me by 6pm today ko. I will be there.”
General Abdullahi and I laughed as we both ended the call.
I turned on the engine of my car and sped off. I had now become a very hurt and desperate woman, angered by the action of the ones she truly loved.
I had made up my mind to see General Abdullahi.
I was prepared to do what ever it will cost to get my revenge. Even if it means paying the price with my body.

(Betrayed hearts) (Episode 7)

That evening, I dressed sexily. I was clad in a black short silky gown. I was not a type of person who wore short gowns. I felt very uncomfortable exposing my laps in public.
Temi had bought me that gown when she thought my dressing was rather old fashion and very unattractive. Ever since she got me the gown, I flung it in my closet, and never picked it up again.
I took a look at my curvy shape in the mirror. It was an elastic gown that fitted into my body perfectly. I took a look at my big buttocks and firm breast. I nodded my head, when I saw how protruded it was. It was very seducing and danced like the buttocks of a female baboon.
General Abdullahi was definitely going to grant my request. He wouldn’t see me in such a way, and turn my request to him down. Once I was able to get him charmed to mysef, I will immediately initiate my revenge plan to Alex, Dayo, and lastly Temi.
Temi had more to loose than the rest. I planned on stealing her man just the way she stole mine. I was going to betray our friendship with her, just the way she had betrayed ours. I wanted her to feel the pains I felt when I saw her with Dayo. She would go mad when she hears that I was with General Abdullahi. I couldn’t wait to answer to her questions, and watch her play innocent before me.
I got into my car and drove out of my house. The road was quite busy as motorist and passerbyes where all returning back from work. I was caught in a go slow leading to the generals private lounge. My car barely drove two feet before coming to a halt again.
I had known General Abdullahi’s private lounge for a long time now. Temi had once taken me along with her to see him one faithful night. Although I remained in the car while she walked in and returned back few minutes later. When she told me it was his private lounge, my heart melted.
General Abdullahi was leaving large. He had two big gates leading to the lounge. I didn’t really take my time to look around the lounge. But I could tell that lots of money was put into decorating and building it.
Most of the cars I saw present at the lounge that very day, were expensive and flashy cars. These were obviously friends of the General who had come to patronize his lounge. They were politicians with wives and children at home. Temi told me how they would bring their concubines to the lounge just to have sex with them. These ladies ended up leaving their hotels with large sums of money, after warming the beds of the old men.
She told me it was during one of such occasions she met General Abdullahi. He had approached her and brought her to this same lounge. Temi told me how she felt when she saw him. She immediately knew this was a big fish that needed to be trapped. She gave him her very best that day. This made the general slowly fall in love with her. Temi slowly warmed her way into his heart. She ended up being General Abdullahi’s first choice.
The honking of the cars on the go slow drove me mad. The big trailer carrying cows, which struggled with smaller motorist, kept honking incessantly, and belching every now and then.
My phone rang and I picked it almost immediately.
“Hello Kemi. I…I…I am very sorry please.”
Even though I did not check the caller’s name, I knew it was Alex who echoed in a soft voice. His voice sounded like a child’s own. He spoke innocently and calm. I kept mute and held the phone to my ears.
“Kemi I know you are upset with me, but please hear me out please. I am sorry about everything that happened last night. I…..”
“Alex. Don’t call my number again.” I screamed in anger, cutting him midway.
I ended the call immediately and threw the phone on the passengers chair. My anger rose again. I became vexed and kept hissing. Everything about Alex had now irritated me. His voice, the way he spoke, even my name on his lips annoyed me. I could not wait to land my revenge on him.
I was still hissing and staring angrily at the road, when a man approached my car.
“Move madam. Move.”
I heaved a sigh as I slowly followed the car in front Of me. I took the next available turn out of the go slow, into a free road. I drove at top speed like a sports man.
I arrived General Abdullahi’s lounge when everywhere had turned dark. The street lights in the compound of the lounge brightened the environme
nt. I could see the beautiful planted flowers and the bright coloured bulbs.
I came down from my car and walked into the reception, to find a dark skinny woman seated at the reception.
“You are welcome ma.” She spoke warmly.
“Thank you. I am here to see the General.”
“Are you miss Kemi?” She asked.
“Yes please.”
“Okay ma. He has been expecting you. Take your left, you will find him at room 18.”
I thanked the lady and followed her directions. I walked through the bright quite corridor, with my heels galloping sound.
In one of the rooms, I could hear the loud moans of a lady, and the continuous flapping of a naked skin. Another politician had come to this secrete hide out to have sex I thought to myself.
Room eighteen was only three doors away. As I approached the door to knock, I thought about what the receptionist would be thinking in her heart. Probably she would think I was one of the generals numerous concubines, who had come to warm his bed.
After knocking thrice, the door jabbed open suddenly, making my heart skip.
The General was standing in front of me, with his stomach looking like that of an eight month old pregnant woman. The white and black hairs on his belly was soaked in sweat. General Abdullahi only had a white towel strapped to his waist.
I stared at his white bearded face and smiled sheepishly, while General Abdullahi grinned like a child expecting a surprise package from his mother.
“Kai. Kemi. You have come ko? Enter.” He instructed, moving aside so I could walk in.
I took my steps slowly as I walked passed him. I could feel his eyes all over me. It was evident. The general was already burning in lust on the inside. I could see his excitement. I could feel his heart jubilate. I felt my buttocks giggle as I came to a halt.
“Bush meat gaskiya.” He blurted in excitement.
I turned towards him wondering what he meant by bush meat. He kept smiling as he shut the door close. The general locked the door with the key and turned towards me.
“Why lock the door General?” I asked.
“Kemi, I am a highly protected General. I cannot leave za door ofen. If I do, my enemies may come inside and kill me. Today I discharged all my escort because I wanted to see you in secrete as you said. You know how I have been wanting to see you in secrete? You know? Eh Kemi? You know ko?”
I nodded my head and smiled. It was a wry smile. A smile I had to force just to flow with the moment.
“Sit down ko. Make yourself comfortable. Let me serve you Champaign wine. Kemi Kemi.” General Abdullahi blurted joyfully.
While I headed for the black cushion, General Abdullahi walked to a bottle of wine which was placed on a table and poured it into an empty tumbler.
“Kemi you are looking beautiful Wanlahi. You are looking like fresh fish. You are looking like a true African bush meat allah. A beautiful bush meat.”
“You know zomo? Eh Zomo? You know it?”
“No General. I do not.” I replied.
“Toh you know rabbit?”
“Yes General I know Rabbit.” I intoned.
“Yowaaa, Rabbit is called Zomo in Hausa. You are looking like the female zomo Allah. Wooo… my body is scratching me wanlahi kemi. I feel like ‘roongumaying’ you now.”
“General..” I muttered shyly.
“I know you do not know Roongumai. Or you know?
“No general. I do not hear or speak Hausa fluently. I only hear a little.”
“Toh Roongumai It means to hug. Kemi I want to hug you gaskiya.
“Come. Come here kemi. Come and hug me.” He beckoned as he placed the tumbler of red wine on a small stool.

To be continued…

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