[Story] I Am Engaged – Episode 2 and Episode 3

(Episode 2)

I got to the kitchen and picked up a random knife from the sink. I ran back determined to stab Alex in the heart. I was ready to kill this rapist. I was ready to drive the knife right through his chest and watch him bleed to death. I wanted to stab him multiple times in his heart. I did not mind cutting off his penis from his dead body, and roasting it in hot fire if that gets me my desired vengeance.
I struck my foot on the passage and tripped. With my hands stretched out like one about to take a dive in a pool, I fell flat to the floor like a crawling child learning how to walk. The knife in my hands escaped my grip and landed in front of me. The screeching sound of the knife’s blade, brushed upon the flowery tile floor, causing its noise to echo in the quite apartment.
I was not deterred. I did not even stop to nurse the pains I felt on my foot. I did not wait to rest. I did not wait to catch my breath. No I did not.
I stood up like a determined boxer knocked to the floor by his opponents punch. I stood up and picked up the black knife. I picked up my weapon of vengeance and headed for Alex.
When I returned back to the spot I had left Alex, all I could see was the broken ceramic cup and spilled tea lying waste on the tiled floor. The slices of bread and eggs were scattered in tiny crumps. It had been soaked by the spilled tea on the floor.
Alex was no more there. Alex had suddenly disappeared. He had gone into hiding. How could he forget so soon? How could he forget how I slapped his face once when he attempted kissing me on my cheek in public? Such stupid show of romance.
How could he forget how I poured the cup of water on his head – on our very first date – when he told me I looked sexy. I watched with all happiness as the water drenched his suit.
I didn’t care about the ‘Y’ in the ‘Sexy’. All I heard was him say ‘ Sex’ and that was enough to bring out the bitch in me again. I picked up the cup of water and turned it on his head. I watched it flow from the cup like a turned on pump. I walked out on him leaving him embarrassed before everyone.
As I walked out, I saw the question on everyone’s face. They all looked at me, pondering what a man dressed in suit had done to deserve such embarrassment.
Alex had known about my anger long before I said yes to him. I had known him for three months now.
Alex had known what I could do when I get very angry and upset. I could tear down the house. I was a crazy bitch when angry. I was like a lion waiting to devoir its prey. I was like a violent thunder about to unleash on a city transformer. I was crazy to an extent I could cause you regrettable pains.
Before I met Alex, my anger had been felt by a considerable amount of men. Men who just wanted my number for a hook up. These were men who approached me asking to pay huge amounts just to have sex with me.
They were everywhere. They were men like Dayo. Men who came in disguise of love, but ended up showcasing their real character and lustful attributes few weeks later.
You have met such men. Men who told you how beautiful you were, when truly they meant to say how sweet you will look in bed. Men who told you how sexy you look in your dress, when truly they meant to say how much you looked like a sex toy.
Men who told you they loved you, when they should have just told you how much the loved the sized of your breast. Men wh
o told you they adored you, when they should have told you they admired your buttocks.
These men came with sweet promises like Dayo. They promised to spend their life’s with me, but In real sense, they actually meant to make promises to spend their life’s on bed, with me lying beside them all through the night and having good sex.
These men where they same. I hated them all. They stroked your hair to comfort you, because they want you to stroke their erected manhood when you get to their bedroom.
Dayo had opened my eyes to things beyond imaginations. How I ended up saying yes to Alex is still a wonder to me. Such men didn’t deserve my respect. They didn’t deserve my time. They deserved death. They didn’t deserve to live.
I was not always like this. No I wasn’t. I was a soft caring and emotional woman. I hardly even got angry. I was meek and gentle. Always smiling and trying to make others happy. I was one romantic person. One who truly loved with her heart when she does.
That was how I was with Dayo. He was the only man to enjoy that good part about me. I was willing to do anything to make him happy. I cleaned and washed his cloths when I was free. I spent on him when I had the money. I bought him gifts when I came across anything I thought he would love. I visited and spent the nights with Dayo. I warmed his bed when ever I noticed his hard an erected manhood standing in full bloom like the morning sunflower.
I only had a problem. And that was my anger. I was always quick to anger. It had been a problem and a challenge I had to face ever since I was a child. But everything subsided when I met Dayo.
Whenever Dayo annoyed me, my anger vanished even before I could express it. Dayo had this way he handled me. He had this magical way of shutting my mouth close and melting my anger away. He was gifted with sweet words. He knew how to use them well. Dayo was just like a poet – a very good poet who would not waste time to sing love songs to my ears when ever he notices my anger.
Dayo’s best author was Shakespeare. Dayo loved to read every Shakespearian novel that came his way. He had a library full of Shakespearian books. No wonder he spoke so fluently. No wonder he never lacked those sweet words to tell me whenever I was angry. Every lady will fall to Dayo’s sweet tongue. I was one of those ladies. I was one of those ladies who craved for his comforting tongue.
His eyes were so sexy and soft. They found a way to my heart even before I complained. Sometimes I wished I never looked into them when I was angry. There were times I really wanted telling Dayo off. There were times he did things that really pissed me off and I felt like pouring out my heart out.
But before I did any such things, he was already there, staring at me with his soft eyes. His babyish looks and cute smile.
Dayo was the only one who never felt my anger. He never saw me blow up at him. Maybe because he knew how to handle me even before I reacted angrily to things.
But my anger grew worse after my break up with Dayo. My anger flared up at every little things. I became wild. I became like a warrior. I didn’t wait to throw insults at any man who tried to woo me with words.
There was nothing new to me after Dayo had left me. Nothing. He had shown me all. He had stolen my heart and taken it with him. He had shown me so much love to an extent I felt Dayo was meant for me. But then, just like Judas, he betrayed the love I had for him with a last sex.
Dayo was the reason I hated all men. Dayo was the reason I despised love. Dayo was the reason I spent three years without meeting a man. Dayo was the reason my anger had increased beyond control.
Dayo had made me a crazy woman. He had made me a mad woman dressed in clean cloth. He was the reason having good sex with another man had become a big crime. Dayo was the reason Alex was going to loose his life at this minute. Alex was going to taste the piercing blade from the black knife. He was going to die by my own hands.
“Alex… Alex where are you? You bastard. Come out!”
I thundered angrily with my knife held firmly in my hands.

(Broken Promises) (episode 3)

Like a mouse, Alex crept out from under the stair case. I chased him with my knife held high above my head. The stamp of our running feet on the cold tiled floor, sounded like the galloping of a hundred horses.
Alex ran into the bathroom like a chased puppy. Just as he was about to shut the door close, I flung the knife at him. I was determined to pierce him from the back. I really wished the pointed edge of the knife would hit him from behind. I wanted to see him fall to the floor like a game. I wanted to see him bleed and beg for mercy when I finally approach him. I wanted to see Alex beg for his life as I cut off that freaking rope he called a manhood.
But the knife which I had thrown, missed Alex’s back by just a few inch and fell inside the bathroom. I screamed in frustration as Alex shut the bathroom door and quickly locked himself inside with the keys.
“Kemi! Jesus Christ. Kemi.” Alex panted like a tired donkey.
“Do you want to kill me? What in the world has gotten into you? Blood of Jesus. Kemi!” Alex exclaimed.
I fell on the floor and broke down in tears. Memories of Dayo forcing me into having our very first sex flashed before me. I remembered how painful it felt. I was denied of every pleasure a woman was suppose to feel. I remembered how I felt helpless as he held my both hands tight. I felt like a handcuffed criminal. I felt like a chicken about to be slaughtered for christmas.
I remembered how I struggled and kicked. How I tossed and turned. How I shook and danced with my legs in the air. I remembered how I bit Dayo on his shoulders with my teeth. But the impact of the bite on Dayo, was like a toothless baby’s bite. Dayo felt no pain at all. The skin of his shoulders were thick and strong.
Dayo had an athletes body. His muscular arms where strong and smooth. His packs were fully built – built from countless push ups and press ups in the gym. He had so much energy in him and so much strength too.
When he pulled off my pant that very day, I knew that was the end of my struggle. I knew he was only few seconds away from having his way. Though I struggled to close my legs, but his strength could not be marched. When he pushed open my legs and parted them with his body, my heart beat increased. Fear gripped me. Sweat dripped down my face in tiny rivulets.
I became a strong and fighting woman, now turned into a helpless beggar. I pleaded with Dayo to stop. I stopped struggling and begged him not to do it. I reminded him that it was not the plan. I tried to tell him that this was not how we planned our first sex to be.
But he was like a hungry bull. He was deaf to my plea. He was a determined psychopath. He ravaged my body with no respect for my womanhood. Dayo was a selfish egocentric asshole.
The fact that Dayo forcefully had his way into me still hunts me till date. It started hunting me from the moment he announced our break up and took his last piece of me before letting me go.
“Why are men like this? Why are you all this way? Why can’t you just love a woman with your heart? Must you do it? Must you all do it?” I broke down in tears.
“Kemi I.. I…”
“Alex I only wanted giving us a try. I wanted giving our relationship a try. I wanted to see if we would work. I thought you will help me get over Dayo. I felt you were a different guy. But I never knew you were just after the same thing Dayo was after. I didn’t know you were after my body and not my heart.”
“Stop it Kemi. Do not talk like that. I am not after your body. I have never been after your body. I love you Kemi. I love…”
“Alex just shut up.” I thundered angrily.
I was already tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. I was tired of men making excuses and using love as a backup to shield their evil.
I stood up from the floor and walked back to the bedroom. I picked my wig and put on my gown. I was heart broken and frustrated. I pulled my towel from my bag and wiped the tears from my eyes.
I walked down the stairs. Alex who was peeping through the opened door, sighted me coming down and quickly slammed the bathroom door close.
“Kemi where are you going to?” Alex asked.
Alex opened the door when he heard no response from me. He peeped through it. When he noticed I was not holding anything harmful, he rushed in my direction and fell on his knees.
“Kemi please come back. Please do not leave me Kemi. I really love you. Kemi how will I survive without you. Kemi I am sorry. I am sorry Kemi, please forgive me. I promise it will not happen again. Please do not break my heart. Do not leave me this way.” Alex pleaded.
I saw Alex eyes gradually become wet. I saw a sense of penitence on his face. But I was not moved. I felt no pity for him. I would have felt pity if this was Dayo begging me few years back after he had forced me into having sex with him in a hotel like a cheap slut. This was because I loved Dayo so much. I was willing to forgive him. Sometimes, I forgave Dayo even before he committed an offence.
But this was Alex. This was a man I had known for just two months three weeks. This was a man I had just officially dated for three weeks. I was just learning to love Alex. I was learning to appreciate him. I was learning to give my heart to him. But now he had lost it all. He had now lost my trust, my love and every emotions I was beginning to develop for him.
In my anger, I pushed Alex hands off me, and stared at him with anger and fury burning in my eyes.
“Alex, don’t ever call me again. Don’t even come close to my house, or I swear I will hit you with anything that I can grab.”
I pulled the door knob open and walked out of the house. I was heading back home a heart broken woman.
I got into my car, and drove out of Alex house never to return again. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. I cried bitterly as I took the next turn.
While I drove, I wondered why my relationships always turned sour. Why do I get hurt by the ones I love most? I wondered if true love really existed. I wondered if it was just a fairy tale.
No wonder Temi never cared about love. No wonder she played with every guys heart like a dog plays with a bone. Temi had always boasted not to have a soft spot for men. She claimed that no matter how sweet and caring a man is, she was not a type to fall in love with him.
Temi usually chased the rich and cute guys just to feel among. She had already opened her heart and accepted the bitter fact that men were all the same and needed to be treated just the way the deserved.
Unlike me, sex was nothing to Temi. To her, it felt like eating milk and biscuit. She was always ready to do it so far it gets her what ever she wanted. She was ready to make love to a man to get whatever she desired from him.
When I told her about Dayo’s forceful sex, she saw no wrong in it. She claimed he was my boyfriend and had the right to my body when he chose.
“Forceful sex na im sweet pass seff.” She said.
“I wish I could get a guy to give it to me forcefully, while I try to fight him off. Gush. How sweet it would be.” She licked her lips in a seducing way, while picturing the moment in her head.
Sometimes I asked myself what I was doing with such a friend as heartless and bad as Temi. But did I really have a choice?
I loved Temi from our university days. We were very good friends to an extent we were both called TK – an acronym for Temi and Kemi.
Although, Temi was sometimes crazy. She was annoying. She could give you the worse advise ever, but she was still my best friend.
Temi has always been there for me. She has always been there when I cried and shed tears. She was there to comfort me in my worse moments. When Dayo broke up with me, she was there to hold me and encourage me.
I still remember when my mother was sick and needed money for her cancer treatment, Temi went round in searc
h of money to support me. She took mama like her own mother too.
When mama died, we both cried a bitter cry. Temi couldn’t eat for days. I really wished mama had survived to at least help me say thank you to Temi.
I was not an angel too. I have also hurt Temi badly. But Temi was still there for me. She never let me go. How then could I let such a friend go?
I changed gears and pressed harder on the Tuttle, I was heading for the next turn heading to Temi’s house. I needed to be comforted. I needed someone to tell me everything was going to be alright. I wanted someone to pet me like a child. Temi was all I had now. She was the only friend I could count on.
As I approached Temi’s house from a distance, I could see Temi standing outside the gate. Dayo’s car was just about driving into Temi’s house. She had come to open the gate for him.
I marched on the car brakes immediately, and watched as my ex boyfriend Dayo, drove into the Temi’s compound.

To be continued…

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